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Microsoft Access Course in Singapore

This Microsoft Access training course will help you to get clear picture of MS Access in your mind and you will get hands-on to create and modify new databases and their various objects. You will learn about how to do data consistency and integrity. You will also learn how to improve queries, create forms, export report, Store database, and integration of MS access with other applications. Microsoft Access Training Course is designed for users who need to know how to create databases and to manipulate data to provide viable information. Microsoft Access Training Course assumes little or no knowledge of the software. However, it would be beneficial to have a general understanding of personal computers and the Windows operating system environment. Click Here to Register

Microsoft Access training

Course Outline

Introduction to Access

  • Getting familiarize with Access
  • Planning, Designing, Handling Database
  • Play with Database
  • Creating Database and Updating using templates

Using Pivot Table in Access (And Via Excel)

  • Creating Pivot Tables Within Access
  • Using Access Pivot Tables

Using the Navigation Pane

  • Tables and Related Views
  • Navigation Pane Objects
  • Custom Groups

Introducing Access Macros and VBA

  • Just what is a Macro?
  • Macro Review
  • Creating and Editing Macros
  • Enhancing Macros with TempVars
  • Adding Conditions to Macros
  • Introducing Access VBA
  • Adding Conditions to Macros
  • Introducing Access VBA

Validating and Standardising Table Data

  • Setting Default Values
  • Defining Field Validation
  • Requiring a Field to be Completed
  • Adding Date Picker to Date Fields
  • Using Rich Text Formatting (Memo Fields)
  • Table Validation Rules

Advanced Form Design

  • GUI Design
  • Designing a Standardised User Interface Model
  • Working with Form Filters
  • Validating Form Data
  • Cascading Combo Boxes

Setting Table Relationships

  • Locating Orphan Records
  • Cascading Updates and Deletes
  • Join Types

Designing with Layout View

  • A Quick Look at Layout View
  • Creating a Form Using the Quick Form Tool

Introducing Access SQL

  • Commonly used SQL Keywords

Advanced Reports

  • No Data Event
  • Show/Hide Report Sections based on User Selections
  • Add Running Sums to Report Sections
  • Add a Watermark to a Report

Advanced Select Queries

  • Using Left
  • Using Mid
  • Using the LEN Function
  • Using IIF Functions
  • Using LCASE Functions
  • Using TRIM Functions

Reporting Systems

  • Reviewing Methods to Run Reports
  • A Fully Featured Reporting Module

Aggregate Queries

  • Grouping Data
  • Adding Criteria to Aggregate Queries

Preparing the Database for User Access

  • Restricting User Access to Design Elements
  • Converting to ACCDE Format

Cross Tab Queries

  • Creating CrossTab Queries
  • Modifying a CrossTab

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