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Corporate Tax Singapore is a 2-day training course covering differences among taxable and non-taxable income, matters regarding tax reduction and capital allowance for corporate tax purposes. Claim 100% Fees with SkillFuture Grant for Individual Singaporean above 25 or Claim PIC and SDF when Company is sponsoring. Click Here to Register 

Corporate Tax Singapore Basic Training Course

  • Learn about Singapore Corporate Tax
  • The cost and benefits of record keeping
  • Tax filing and payment obligations for Singapore companies.
  • Learn what is Capital Allowance and conditions to qualify for tax deduction
  • Treatment for unused capital allowance and losses to carry over to future business profits.
  • What are the types of deductible expenses
  • What are deduction of medical cost and expenses before start of business
  • What are Form C-S and the purposes for filing
  • Know what are the documents needed to prepare for tax filing
  • Learn about Entire/Part of tax exemption schemes
  • What are Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) and its benefits
  • Tax Deduction of Renovation or Refurbishment works done on your business premises per Section 14Q
  • How to avoid errors commonly found when collection reduction for company’s income
  • Learn income tax computation for trading company in Singapore

Corporate Tax Singapore Training Intermediate Course

  • Learn about taxation of alternate sources of income
  • Know what are the expenses deductible against alternate income
  • Capital Allowances – Further topics on
  • 1. Balancing Allowance/charge
  • 2. Carry back system
  • 3. Related party sales
  • 4. Group Reliefs
  • Research and Development Allowances
  • DTA or Double Tax Agreement
  • Withholding Tax
  • Hands On Practice on Completing Corporate Tax Form (Form C-S)

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