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Learn Microsoft Excel Power Pivot Course in Singapore

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About Course: Power Pivot is a great tool introduced by Excel to help you organize, manipulate, and report on your data in the best way possible. Specifically, PowerPivot in Excel enhance the ability of:
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  • Advanced analysis
  • Create dynamic charts
  • Present data interactively
  • Summarize the data reports
  • Present output in an intuitive dashboard or slice & dice data using Pivot tables & Power Pivot.

Who Should Join: This course is designed for Experienced Excel users seeking to advance their data analysis capabilities with the outstanding skills of PowerPivot. This course is specially designed for all data analysts, reporting & MIS professionals, business analysts, managers & dashboard makers.

MS PowerPivot Course  Microsoft PowerPivot Course Outlines

Getting Started With PowerPivot

  • Explore the PowerPivot Application Topic
  • Import Data from Various Data Sources Topic
  • Refresh Data from a Data Source Topic
  • Create Linked Tables

Manipulating PowerPivot Data

  • Organize and Format Tables
  • Create Calculated Columns Topic
  •  Sort and Filter PowerPivot Data
  • Create and Manage Table Relationships

Creating PowerPivot Reports

  • Create a PivotTable
  • Create PivotCharts
  • Filter Data Using Slicers
  • Present PivotTable Data Visually

Using DAX Functions in PowerPivot

  • Manipulate PowerPivot Data Using DAX Functions
  • Extract Data from Tables Using Functions
  • Work with Time Dependent Data

Distributing PowerPivot Data

  • Protect Reports Topic
  • Save Reports in Different File Formats

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