Illustrator Hands-on Workshop

Adobe Illustrator Course Training In Singapore

Duration: 2 Days

Venue: 10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

About Course:  Learning  design techniques to illustrate varius type of artwork and creative ideas. Participants will be able to create creative posters, web images, marketing collateral and artwork for respective projects. Participants will be able to use Adobe Illustrator and its various applications in real world projects. 

Target Student: All creatives, designers, web designers, who wants to create logo and marketing collateral.

  1st Day Adobe Illustrator Training Class Outline

Understanding Design

  • Why to use Illustrator
  • Objective of Illustrator Software
  • Brief overview of Illustrator
  • Workspace of Illustrator
  • Anatomy of Illustrator

Drawing with Illustrator

  • Drawing basics
  • Drawing tools
  • Editing paths
  • Perspective drawing
  • Symbolism tools and symbol sets

Playing with Colors 

  • Selecting colors
  • Adjusting colors
  • Color groups & themes

Painting with Illustrator

  • Painting with fills and strokes
  • Gradients panel & tools
  • Stroke an object
  • Meshes
  • Patterns

Working on Object

  • Selecting and arranging objects
  • Combining objects
  • Moving, aligning, and distributing objects
  • Duplicating objects
  • Reshaping objects
  • Importing, exporting, and saving

Typography with Illustrator

  • Importing and exporting text
  • Creating text
  • Creating type on a path
  • Scaling and rotating type
  • Fonts, Formatting, 
  • Character and paragraph styles

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