Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

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    PowerPoint Course Objective

    After completing this PowerPoint training course, you will be able to create and deliver professional PowerPoint presentations that explain the key points of your message through the use of text, graphics, and animations. You will be able to:
    • Familiar with the basic features and functions of PowerPoint 2013.
    • Create a professional PowerPoint presentation.
    • Add advanced text editing.
    • Import graphics and images to a presentation.
    • Modify objects in a presentation.
    • Create tables to a presentation.
    • Add charts to a presentation.
    • Prepare to deliver an exclusive presentation.
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    Inspizone’s Trainer Credentials

    Inspizone’s trainer for PowerPoint training course is certified from Microsoft and also certified by ACTA(Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment). Trainer will teach you using training methodology and guide you step by step method to create a professional PowerPoint presentation.

    Exploring PowerPoint

    • Using the PowerPoint Interface
    • Using the File Tab
    • Using the Ribbon
    • Working with Groups
    • Working with the Contextual Tabs
    • Working with the Galleries
    • Working with Quick Styles
    • Using the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Using the Mini Toolbar
    • Using Live Preview
    • Exiting PowerPoint

    Formatting Presentation Text

    • Changing an Existing Font
    • Modifying the Font Size
    • Changing Font Style and Effect
    • Changing the Font Color
    • Changing Text Alignment
    • Setting Tab Stops
    • Modifying Paragraph Spacing
    • Using the Auto Fit Options Button
    • Selecting a Shape Style
    • Customizing a Shape Style
    • Applying Effects to a Text Placeholder
    • Selecting a WordArt Style
    • Editing Text Outline Color
    • Editing Text Fill Color
    • Applying Text Effects

    Using Basic Presentation Skills

    • Entering Text into a Presentation
    • Saving a New Presentation
    • Closing a Presentation
    • Creating a New Presentation
    • Opening an Existing Presentation
    • Adding a New Slide
    • Renaming an Existing Presentation

    Formatting Bullets and Numbers

    • Adding and Removing Bullets
    • Adding and Removing Numbers
    • Modifying Bullets and Numbers

    Working with Presentations

    • Creating a Custom Layout
    • Applying a Theme
    • Applying a Background Style
    • Changing Slide Orientation
    • Changing the Magnification
    • Adding Speaker Notes
    • Switching Views

    Using Slide Sorter View

    • Selecting Multiple Slides
    • Moving Slides in Slide Sorter View
    • Duplicating Slides in Slide Sorter View
    • Copying Slides in Slide Sorter View
    • Deleting Slides in Slide Sorter View

    Using the Outline Tab

    • Working with the Outline Tab,
    • Collapsing and Expanding Slides
    • Demoting and Promoting Text Lines
    • Moving Text Lines
    • Adding Slides in the Outline Tab
    • Deleting Slides from the Outline Tab
    • Rearranging Slides in the Outline Tab

    Editing Multiple Presentations

    • Viewing Multiple Presentations
    • Copying Text between Presentations
    • Copying Slides between Presentations
    • Copying Slides with Drag and Drop

    Editing and Proofing Text

    • Using the Clipboard Task Pane
    • Using Undo and Redo
    • Finding and Replacing Text
    • Checking Spelling as You Type
    • Running the Spelling Checker
    • Creating an AutoCorrect Entry
    • Using the AutoCorrect Options Button
    • Displaying Smart Tags in a Presentation
    • Importing Text from Word

    Using Graphic Images

    • Working with Graphics
    • Using the Clip Art Task Pane
    • Using Slide Layouts, Inserting a Picture
    • Cropping a Picture
    • Moving a Graphic
    • Resizing a Graphic
    • Formatting a Graphic
    • Re-colouring a Graphic
    • Inserting Clips with the Clip Organize


    • Printing Presentations
    • Selecting Page Setup Options
    • Previewing a Presentation
    • Printing Slides
    • Printing Speaker Notes
    • Printing Outlines, Printing Handouts
    • Creating Headers and Footers

    Working with Drawing Objects

    • Using the Drawing Group
    • Drawing an Enclosed Object
    • Changing the Fill Color of an Object
    • Applying a Fill Effect
    • Applying Effects
    • Drawing a Line, Formatting Lines
    • Creating a Text Box

    Using Slide Show View

    • Running a Slide Show
    • Navigating a Slide Show
    • Creating a Custom Show
    • Using Slide Show View
    • Using Reading View
    • Using the Laser Pointer

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