1 day Intermediate Accounting Course

1. Bank Reconciliation procedures and methodology……..2 hours • Understand the reason for the difference between your bank statement and bank account. • Taught on concepts of permanent and timing differences. • Know the common types of things that cause differences between bank statement and bank account. • Illustrate the two formats of bank reconciliation statement. • Shown a working method to perform bank reconciliation. • Hands on practice 2. Adjusting for Prepayments and Accruals…………2 hours • Understand the difference between accrual accounting and cash accounting. • See the difference it makes to your income statement. • Accounting entries to make the necessary adjustments to your accounts, in order to show an unbiased view. 3. Derive Bad and Doubtful Allowances…………. 1 hours • Distinguish between bad debts and doubtful debts. • Understand the various terminology and concepts. • Hands on practice on making adjustments. 4. Setting preferences to control the behaviour of MYOB………1 hours • Stop users from editing transactions when entered. • Prevent transactions from entering into the wrong period. 5. Accounting for Non-current Assets: to reflect in your income statement and statement of financial position:……………1hours • • Acquisition of non-current assets. • Depreciation methods and accounting policy. • Shown how to combine all the information together using Fixed Assets register.

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