Basic Adobe Photoshop Training

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Photoshop ———————-1 hours Topic A: Introduction to Photoshop Topic B: Adobe Bridge and Mini Bridge Topic C: Navigate the Photoshop Workspace Topic D: Customize the Photoshop Workspace Lesson 2: Beginning with Image Basics —————————1 hours Topic A: Manage Image Elements and Formats Topic B: Work with Digital Devices Lesson 3: Managing Selections and Layers —————- ——–2 hours Topic A: Use Selection Tools Topic B: Manage Layers Lesson 4: Making Image Adjustments ——————————2 hours Topic A: Modify an Image Topic B: Image Repairs Lesson 5: Refining Images ———————————————-1 hours Topic A: Layer Adjustments Topic B: Introduction to Camera Raw Lesson 6: Saving Images for Web and Print ——————– Topic A: Save Images for the Web Topic B: Save Images for Print

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