WordPress Website Creation course

1. Getting to Know WordPress———————————–1 hours • What is WordPress? • Setting the language of your WordPress installation UPDATED • WordPress, WordPress.com, and WordPress.org: What is the difference? 2. Getting Started with WordPress————————————1 hours • Installing and running WordPress • Accessing your WordPress site • Using the WordPress Dashboard • Using the WordPress toolbar 3. Creating Posts————————————————————-1 hours • Understanding the difference between posts and pages • Creating a new post • Using categories and tags • Advanced text formatting UPDATED • Creating and managing links 4. Adding Images to the website———————————————-1 hours • Adding images • Adding an image gallery • Using Featured Image • Adding images from external sources 5. Adding Media to your website————————————————1` hours • Adding media from YouTube and other services through embed • Comparing and restoring old versions with Revisions • Publishing posts • Using the More tag and excerpts • Defining post formats 6. Creating and adding new Pages—————————————–1 hours • Creating a basic page • Using page templates • Organizing page hierarchy• 7. Managing and editing Content———————————————————–1 hours • Navigating the Dashboard index pages • Using Quick Edit • Using Bulk Edit • Understanding how WordPress handles media content 8. Changing the Appearance of Your Site———————————- 1 hours • Selecting and changing themes • Using the Theme Customizer • Changing the front page from a blog view to a static page 9. Extending WordPress with Plugins————————————————-1 hours • Installing plugins • Creating a contact page • Adding social media sharing buttons with Add This • Learn more about plugins 10. Profiles, Users, and Settings———————————1 hours • Editing your user profile • Creating a Gravatar profile • Configuring general settings 11. Getting Readers———————————————–1 hours • Creating user-friendly permalinks • Configuring comment settings •12. WordPress behind the Curtain————————————-1 hours • Understanding how WordPress works • Back-end management of themes, plugins, and other assets 13. Maintenance and Security——————————————-1 hours • Keeping up to date• 14. Diving Further into the World of WordPress—————————-1 hours • Exporting and importing content from other sites •

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