Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 – INTERMEDIATE

Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 – INTERMEDIATE Training Course

Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 – INTERMEDIATE

Course Objectives: In this course, you will use Outlook’s advanced features to customize and manage your email communications, including: using advanced features to organize emails; managing calendar settings and options; managing contact information; scheduling tasks; and managing Outlook archives and data file settings.

You Will:

Insert objects in messages, and modify properties and global options.

Organize, search, and manage messages.

Protect your mailbox and manage its size.

Use rules and Quick Steps to automate message management.

Work with advanced calendar settings.

Import and forward contacts.

Assign delegate permissions and share Outlook items with others.

Archive and back up Outlook items using data files.

Venue: International Plaza, Tanjong Pagar MRT

Duration: 1 Day

Microsoft Outlook Essentials Course  Microsoft Outlook for Office 365 – INTERMEDIATE Training Outline:

Lesson 1: Modifying Message Properties and Customizing Outlook

  • Insert Hyperlinks and Symbols
  • Modify Message Properties
  • Add Email Accounts to Outlook
  • Customize Outlook Options

Lesson 2: Organizing, Searching, and Managing Messages

  • Group and Sort Messages
  • Filter and Manage Messages
  • Search Outlook Items

Lesson 3: Managing Your Mailbox

  • Manage Junk Email Options
  • Manage Your Mailbox Size

Lesson 4: Automating Message Management

  • Use Automatic Replies
  • Use Rules to Organize Messages
  • Create and Use Quick Steps

Lesson 5: Working with Calendar Settings

  • Set Advanced Calendar Options
  • Create and Manage Additional Calendars
  • Manage Meeting Responses

Lesson 6: Managing Contacts

  • Import and Export Contacts
  • Use Electronic Business Cards
  • Forward Contacts

Lesson 7: Sharing Outlook Items

  • Assign and Manage Tasks
  • Share Your Calendar
  • Share Your Contacts

Lesson 8: Managing Outlook Data Files

  • Use Archiving to Manage Mailbox Size
  • Work with Outlook Data Files

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