Photoshop Hands-on Workshop

Photoshop Course in Singapore

This 2 day Fun with Photoshop Hands-on Course will make you understanding, creating and editing digital pictures or photographs with Photoshop to explained in from stretch who don’t have any knowledge to enhance understanding. Inspizone have designed this course for the user who no knowledge in digital editing and Adobe Photoshop, and get confidence with hands-on practice. You will get better understanding of digital editing and Adobe Photoshop software so that you can use any version of Photoshop easily. After getting this Photoshop course, you will have confidence to create nice or edit picture and handling photos and you will get lots of Tips and Trick on Photoshop with great ideas of presenting your photos.

Duration: 2 Days

Who Should Attend Photoshop Course:

Any One who know how to operate computer. Click Here to Register

photoshop course singapore Day 1: Basic Photoshop Course Outline

Getting Started with Photoshop

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Adobe Bridge and Mini Bridge
  • Navigate the Photoshop Workspace
  • Customize the Photoshop Workspace

Beginning with the Image Basics

  • Manage Image Elements and Formats
  • Work with Digital Devices

Managing Selections and Layers

  • Use Selection Tools
  • Manage Layers

Making Image Adjustments

  • Modify an Image
  • Image Repairs

Refining Images

  • Layer Adjustments
  • Introduction to Camera Raw

Saving Images for Web and Print

  • Save Images for the Web
  • Save Images for Print

photoshop course singapore Day 2: Advanced Photoshop Course Outlines

Creating Raster Images

  • Draw with Brushes
  • Create Gradients
  • Use Tool Presets

Working with Vector Image Tools

  • Create Images with Vector Paths
  • Use the Shape Drawing Tools
  • Work with Type
  • Type Special Effects

Using Advanced Layer Techniques

  • Modify Images with Masks
  • Use Filters to Apply Special Effects
  • Apply Special Effects to Layers
  • Use Smart Objects for Nondestructive Editing
  • Utilize Layer Comps

Automating Tasks

  • Create and Use Actions
  • Batch Process Files with Photoshop and Adobe Bridge

Creating and Editing Video

  • Edit Video
  • Add Graphics, Titling, and Animations to Video

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