Basic Unix Course

Unix Shell Scripting Course

Basic Unix Shell Scripting Course in Singapore

Hands On Unix Shell Scripting Course. Learn basic Unix commands and shell scripting to stand out in today's competitive world. It enables participants to automate day to day manual work. Inspizone offers you introduction of Unix basic commands and shell scripting/programming. After this course participants should be able to develop shell programs using various commands. Our instructor will provide the exercise to participants which will help them to get confidence in Unix.

Duration: 2 Days Unix Training at Tanjong Pagar MRT

Time: 9:30am – 5:00pm

Course Objectives

What is Unix?

Unix is a powerful, multi-user environment that has been implemented on a variety of platforms. Once the domain of servers and advanced users, it has become accessible to novices as well through the popularity of Linux and Mac OS X. With the notable exception of Microsoft Windows, all current major operating systems have some kind of Unix at their cores.

Unix was developed at Bell Labs in 1969, but in the past three decades many others have contributed to its evolution. In reality, Unix is not so much a single operating system as it is a standard upon which organizations and companies base their own systems.

Join Our course to learn Unix commands and get expert in Unix Operating system.

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Unix Shell Scripting Training  Unix Training Course Modules:

Topic 1: Introduction to UNIX Operating System

  • What is Unix?
  • File and Processes
  • Directory Structure
  • Starting Unix terminal

Topic 2: File management and Directories

  • Types of files
  • Listing Files and Directory
  • Making Directories
  • Changing to different directory
  • Pathnames and more about home directories/pathnames
  • Creating, Copying & Moving files
  • Removing Files and Directories
  • Display file and search contents

Topic 3: File Permissions/Access

  • File Access Modes
  • Directory Access Modes
  • Changing Permissions
  • Changing Owners and Groups

Topic 4: Unix Environment

  • Profile files
  • Environment Variables

Topic 5: Pipes and Filters

Topic 6: Processes

  • Starting a process
  • Listing processes
  • Stopping a process

Topic 7: The vi Editor

  • Starting the editor
  • Operation modes
  • Edit Files
  • Various Control Commands

Topic 8: Scheduling Jobs

  • View scheduled jobs
  • Add/Edit jobs

Topic 9: Unix Basic Utilities

  • Printing
  • Email

Topic 10: Unix Links

Topic 11: Archiving, Backup and Restore

Topic 12: Command Input and Output

Topic 13: Unix Shell Programming

  • What is Shell
  • Using Variables/Special Variables – Defining, Accessing, Unsetting
  • Using Shell Arrays
  • Basic Operators
  • Loops
  • Input/Output Redirection

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