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Customised Corporate Training Course in Singapore

Inspizone have worked with fortune 500 companies and we realized  that every employee need some training to enhance their skills on time to time. That’s why, here at Inspizone, we offer customised corporate training for your staff.

You tell us what you’re looking for, and we put together a program designed especially for you.

We ensure that every moment of your valuable schedule is used as effectively and efficiently as possible.
The last thing we want to do is waste your time by trudging over old ground or repeating already familiar lessons.
We’re here to extend and challenge your employees and to give your company the tools to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Our scope is wide

We provide corporate training in the areas that are crucial to running a successful business in today’s intensely competitive market.
Our technology programs offer the opportunity for our clients to advance their knowledge of the world’s most commonly used software programs.

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We teach all aspects of Microsoft office, IT and Project Management Courses including

  • Project Management (PMP)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Access,
  • Visual Basic and Macros.
  • Java
  • Unix
  • ASP
  • Dot Net

We don’t stop there, however. We know that marketing has the power to make or break a business. With that in mind, we’ve scoured training talent, seeking out educators who know exactly how to create brands that demand attention. Our expert team can teach your employees how to master internet marketing and design cutting-edge websites and graphics. After all, these are the tools that you need to drive traffic to your page, and to convert customers once they’ve landed.

Our corporate training for project management demonstrates what it takes to get your company running like clockwork.
We teach managers how to inspire confidence and goodwill amongst their staff. It’s all about nurturing positive relationships, and showing employees how to produce amazing results. So many people aren’t even aware of what they can achieve, until someone steps in and expands their horizon.

Our Corporate trainers are all extensively experienced and highly qualified.

We only employ the best of the bunch. They are enthusiastic about sharing the tricks they’ve learned through years of hard work and about helping others to perform at an optimum level. Our technology trainers are ACTA and Microsoft certified, while our management trainers are PMI and ITIL certified.

Both onsite and offsite training is available. You’re welcome to come to our premises, and we’re happy to bring our trainers to you.
It comes down to what suits you best. Once training is over, we leave you with detailed reference materials, enabling easy revision of course content.

We’re pleased to be able to say that our outstanding expertise and competitive rates mean that our list of satisfied corporate clients is expanding rapidly.


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