Xero Accounting Software Training

Course Start Date

Xero Accounting Software Training

Duration: 1 Days

Venue: 10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

About Course: Learn how to manage Accounts using Xero Accounting Software. You will learn how to navigate Xero software and how to setup a new company in Xero.

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After this course you will be having knowledge of how to set up chart of accounts, new bank accounts, beginning balances of accounts using this Xero cloud-based system and you will appreciate the benefits of using cloud-based accounting software anytime, anywhere and in almost any devices.

Target Student: All accounting professional, Business owners, Admin and anyone who is related to accounts.

Xero accounting software Traning  Xero Accounting Software Course Outline

Basic Level (1-day, 9:30-5:00)

Module 1. Basics of Accounting

  • What is accounting?
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial accounting

Module 2. Financial Accounting

  • Financial accounting
  • Overview of the balance sheet
  • Balance sheet example
  • Limitations of the balance sheet
  • Differences between the balance sheet and income statement
  • Overview of the income statement
  • Income statement example
  • Overview of the cash flow statement
  • Cash flow example
  • Summary of financial reporting

Module 3. Managerial Accounting

  • Product costing
  • Break even
  • Budgets
  • Real life examples of managerial accounting

Module 4. Xero Account Setup

  • Sign Up Xero Online
  • Xero Online Plan
  • Xero Online Dashboard
  • Chart of Accounts Setup
  • Company Setup
  • Setting: Organization
  • Setting: Charts of Account
  • Setting: Others

Module 5. Set Up a bank account

  • Create a bank account + bank feed setup
  • Import data into the bank account

Module 6. Issue an invoice

  • Directly Issue an invoice
  • Issue a quotation
  • Convert the quotation into invoice
  • Enable online payment to the invoice
  • Add credit note to write off bad debt
  • Overview on invoice management

Module 7. Expenses

  • Purchase Order / Bill
  • Claim Expense

Module 8. Tax

  • Setting up the tax
  • View the tax report

Module 9 – Reports 

  • All Reports
  • Popular Reports
  • Running Reports

Module 10. Other Tasks 

  • Manager Users
  • Connected Apps
  • Help & Resources

Intermediate Level (9:30-5:00)

Module 1. Fixed Assets

  • Create the Asset Category such as Plant and Equipment, Office Equipment or Furniture Fittings
  • Make the depreciation to run automatically and reflect in the Profit & Loss Account
  • Make the Accumulation to run automatically and present in Balance Sheet
  • Fixed Assets Report

Module 2. Inventory System

  • Create Items of Inventory
  • Input the Account Code for Cost of Material and the selling price in XERO
  • How to make adjustment to increase of reduce stock or write off obsolete stock
  • Types of Inventory Report

Module 3. Payroll Run

  • How to Set-up the Salary items for overtime or other required deduction or Claim
  • How to Set-up the CPF deduction by %
  • How to Run the Payroll monthly
  • How to generate the Payslip
  • How to email Payslip to Employees directly
  • Payroll Report

Module 4. Budgeting

  • How to Set-up the Budget in XERO system
  • How to extract Budget report from XERO
  • Budget Report

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