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Bookkeeping course singapore

Learn Bookkeeping Training Course Singapore

skillsfuture bookkeeping course singapore
bookkeeping and accounting course singapore
bookkeeping and accounting course singapore

Bookkeeping course cover a wide range of topics, from understanding the different types of financial statements to knowing how to record financial transactions.

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Course Start Date

  • 16/01/2023 | 09:30-17:30
    Week Days
  • 06/02/2023 | 09:30-17:30
    Week Days
  • 20/03/2023 | 09:30-17:30
    Week Days
  • Schedule

    Days: 3 Days
    Duration: 21 Hours
    Timings: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

    10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

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    • SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
    • Expert Local Trainers
    • Hands-on Training by experts
    • Certificate of Achievement
    • Free Refresh Class within 6 Month

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    Who Should Attend This Bookkeeping Accounting Course Singapore

    This bookkeeping course is ideal for those who is responsible for recording and maintaining a business' financial transactions, such as purchases, expenses, sales revenue.

    Fundamentals of Bookkeeping Training Course

    Learn How to do Bookkeeping! This is a comprehensive course for accounting. You will learn from the basic to advanced part of bookkeeping.

    This Bookkeeping Fundamentals training course provides hands-on training to understand bookkeeping procedures and to prepare financial statements efficiently.

    This highly valuable and outstanding course is now available in Singapore.

    About Bookkeeping course singapore –

    • Learn how to interpret data accurately
    • Learn how to draw logical conclusions
    • Prepare primary books of accounts

    For training at a higher level, kindly check out our LCCI training: LCCI level 1 & LCCI level 2 course.

    If you are considering taking a Bookkeeping 3-day course or LCCI Certificate training, kindly read through the comparison:  Bookkeeping 3-day or LCCI training

    bookkeeping training courses singapore

    Grants available

    SkillsFuture Credit: Singaporeans can use $500 SkillsFuture Credits for this training to offset the course fees.

    UTAP: NTUC members enjoy 50% *unfunded course fee support for up to $250 each year.

    SDF: Deductible of 2$/hours for S/PRs trainees under company sponsorship.

    BookKeeping Course Outline

    Basic Fundamental BookKeeping Course

    Introduction To Accounting

    • Types of business organisations
    • Accounting vs Bookkeeping
    • Types of Financial Statements

    Accounting Equation

    • Definition of assets
    • Definition of liabilities

    Double Entry

    • The double entry system
    • Double entry for Purchases and Sales
    • Returning of goods purchased or sold
    • Double entry for Expenses and Revenue
    • Keeping track of business transactions

    Balancing And Closing Accounts

    • Balancing and closing accounts

    Debit And Credit Balances

    • Debit and Credit Balances

    Preparation Of Final Accounts

    • Income Statement
    • Statement of Financial Position
    • Current & Non-current assets:
    • Current & Non-current liabiliies

    Preparation Of Final Accounts With Additional Features

    • Preparation of Final Accounts with additional features

    Intermediate BookKeeping Course


    • Capital and Revenue Expenditure
    • Definition and Cause of Depreciation
    • Double entry for Depreciation

    Bad Debts And Doubtful Debt Provision

    • Bad debts (Irrecoverable debts)
    • Allowance for Doubtful Debts

    Accruals And Prepayments

    • Accrued and Prepaid expenses
    • Accrued and Prepaid Revenue

    Correction Of Errors

    • Errors with Trial Balance
    • Errors of Omission
    • Errors of Commission
    • Errors of Reversal of entries
    • Compensating errors

    Bank Reconciliation

    • Reasons for Bank Reconciliation
    • Step to conduct Bank Reconciliation

    Accounting Concepts

    • Accounting Entity Concept
    • Historical Cost Concept
    • Going Concern Concept
    • Prudence Concept
    • Consistency Concept
    • Accruals Concept
    • Matching Concept
    • Materiality Concept

    Advanced BookKeeping Course

    Cash Flow Statement

    • Capital and Revenue Expenditure
    • Definition and Cause of Depreciation
    • Double entry for Depreciation

    Budgeting And Its Process

    • Budget
    • Types of Budgets
    • The Budget Process
    • Managing of Budget

    Introduction To Partnership And Company

    • Different types of Partnership
    • Partnership Statement

    Interpretation Of Financial Statements

    • Financial Ratio Analysis
    • Key Financial Metrics

    google logo Reviews of our students

    ruo liong
    ruo liong
    2 years ago

    I attended the Accounting lesson . The trainer was very experienced and was bi lingual so it was easy for me to ask question.
    Jenna Loh
    Jacqueline Lee
    7 months ago

    Went for a accounting course, Steven was friendly and helpful
    Shiya Feng
    shengwei tan
    10 months ago

    Stella is a great lecturer, the lesson taught are well orderly manner for each day which preps in beforehand and learning better.
    Ringo Lee
    Raymond Ralph SHONG
    3 years ago

    You will learn well. After sales services and after training, the staff and trainers are there to help, support, care and share with you any time. To ensure you have learnt well and they do follow up. Good job.
    hua zeng
    hua zeng
    a year ago

    I am taking excel and LCCI course , so far i think the fee is resonable and worth the money, I like the teachers , they are professional and patient.
    Jacqueline Lee
    Grace CH Ong
    a year ago

    A very useful course with laptops provided and sample datasets for our training. Training was very well-paced and clear, helpful for learning. Trainer also was happy to go around assisting when needed and managed queries well for us. Happy to have participated in a course at Inspizone 🙂
    Lim Valintina
    L T.
    a year ago

    Environment: neat and organized Pace of the class: perfect Learning tools: clear and straightforward Trainer (Bee Hoon): efficient, proactive, knowledgeable and humorous Overall: Excellent. Class ended earlier than stipulated time (despite time spent waiting for latecomers to get seated).
    Annie Ong
    Annie Ong
    5 months ago

    Dr Suresh is a excellent lecturer, he teaches the students incorporate with his own experience in accounting. This make us "students" who has no background of accounting understand and grasp the lesson with ease. The staff at Inspizone is so attentive and reply to our query without much delay. They are professional in handling us different students with different needs during our course. Recommended Training Institute to take lesson and learn what you need!
    Wenyan Yeo
    Guido Sudero

    The course was effective for my purpose, the Teacher was clear and professional and she covered all the various aspects in an extensive and careful way. Then, the follow up they do, sending the course material to all Students is also good. Indeed a good Excel course for a beginner.
    Ken Cheong

    Here i attended two courses. The Teacher is more knowledgeable person. I attend here accounts and Corporate Tax Singapore courses. really ill recommend this institute.
    Josephine Low
    Lachu Gandhi

    Content of the course is appropriate. Trainer valene was very good and interactive. The place, course materials, the presentation and content of the material everything were clear and precise and she gave proper response to the queries raised. The place is well maintained too. Overall, a good experience and sure, I will recommend inspizone to my friends who are keen on upgrading themselves.
    shengwei tan
    shengwei tan

    Stella is a great lecturer, the lesson taught are well orderly manner for each day which preps in beforehand and learning better.
    Chiqui Ehong
    Grace CH Ong

    A very useful course with laptops provided and sample datasets for our training. Training was very well-paced and clear, helpful for learning. Trainer also was happy to go around assisting when needed and managed queries well for us. Happy to have participated in a course at Inspizone 🙂
    Odinelza Santos
    Odinelza Santos
    a year ago

    If you are Western better to stay away. at this place all Asian group prejudices and social positioning systems play out: caste, hierarchy, subjugation of others, etc...
    pamela ng
    pamela ng
    2 years ago

    Excellent Lesson , Morden Technology for virtual training.
    Chiqui Ehong
    Germaine Lee
    a year ago

    Communication, Professionalism, Value

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What exactly is Bookkeeping?

    In super simple words, bookkeeping is nothing but recording every single financial transaction related to the business. It helps in keeping a record of every single penny one spent and helps fix a budget for such spending. An ideal example of bookkeeping can be: a purchase, sale, receipt, or payment received or made out to a business or individual.

    Why does a business need a bookkeeper?

    Bookkeepers play a crucial role in building a business and getting it to new heights. Bookkeepers are detail-oriented professionals who keep a regular check on the accounting cycle by updating it regularly.

    Bookkeepers are responsible for managing financial data that helps the business to make crucial financial choices. A well-maintained financial data provides beneficial, practical insights and prevents situations, such as skimming fraud.

    Why should I choose the Bookkeeping course Singapore?

    There are plenty of bookkeeping courses out there, but going for the right course can help you grow and train yourself in so many ways. With the Bookkeeping course Singapore, you’ll get:

    • Expert local trainers
    • Hands-on practical training by experts
    • Daily practical classes
    • Certificate of achievement

    What am I going to learn from bookkeeping training Singapore?

    The bookkeeping training Singapore is designed based on the current market trend and how students can clear the clutter to shine among their competitors. With our updated curriculum, you’ll learn:

    • How to interpret data accurately
    • How to draw logical conclusions
    • Prepare primary books of accounts

    We aim to make you industry-ready with the right knowledge and skills that you need to make your name in the industry.

    What are the prerequisites to go for a bookkeeping course?

    Well anyone who holds a basic knowledge of bookkeeping can apply for the course however, you need to have a basic understanding of:

    • Double-entry system
    • Basic accounting principles
    • The accounting equation
    • Journal entries
    • Trial balance
    • Bank reconciliations
    • Debits and credits.

    What has been covered in Bookkeeping training Singapore?

    The course curriculum covers:

    • Introduction to accounting
    • Accounting equation
    • Double entry
    • Balancing and closing accounts
    • Debit and credit balances
    • Preparation of final accounts
    • Preparation of final accounts with additional features.

    What's the duration of the Bookkeeping course Singapore?

    The bookkeeping course Singapore is a 3-day power-packed program where we focus on building and brushing your core accounting skills.

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