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Fundamentals of Bookkeeping Training Course

Learn How to do Bookkeeping! This is a comprehensive course for accounting. You will learn from basic to advanced part of bookkeeping.

This Bookkeeping Fundamentals training course provides hands on training to understand bookkeeping procedures and to prepare financial statements efficiently.

This highly valuable and outstanding course is now available in Singapore.

The bookkeeping course Singapore aims to impart ample knowledge to bookkeepers to accurately interpret data, draw logical conclusions out of the data and prepare primary books of accounts.

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Duration: 3 Days Bookkeeping Training Course

Key Features

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Skillsfuture Bookkeeping Training Course

accounting training course singapore  Bookkeeping Training Course Outline

Basic Fundamental BookKeeping Course

Introduction to Accounting

  • Types of business organisations
  • Accounting vs Bookkeeping
  • Types of Financial Statements

Accounting Equation

  • Definition of assets
  • Definition of liabilities

Double Entry

  • The double entry system
  • Double entry for Purchases and Sales
  • Returning of goods purchased or sold
  • Double entry for Expenses and Revenue
  • Keeping track of business transactions

Balancing and closing accounts

  • Balancing and closing accounts

Debit and Credit Balances

  • Debit and Credit Balances

Preparation of Final Accounts

  • Income Statement
  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Current & Non-current assets:
  • Current & Non-current liabiliies

Preparation of Final Accounts with additional features

  • Preparation of Final Accounts with additional features

Intermediate BookKeeping Course


  • Capital and Revenue Expenditure
  • Definition and Cause of Depreciation
  • Double entry for Depreciation

Bad Debts and Doubtful Debt Provision

  • Bad debts (Irrecoverable debts)
  • Allowance for Doubtful Debts

Accruals and Prepayments

  • Accrued and Prepaid expenses
  • Accrued and Prepaid Revenue

Correction of Errors

  • Errors with Trial Balance
  • Errors of Omission
  • Errors of Commission
  • Errors of Reversal of entries
  • Compensating errors

Bank Reconciliation

  • Reasons for Bank Reconciliation
  • Step to conduct Bank Reconciliation

Accounting Concepts

  • Accounting Entity Concept
  • Historical Cost Concept
  • Going Concern Concept
  • Prudence Concept
  • Consistency Concept
  • Accruals Concept
  • Matching Concept
  • Materiality Concept

Advanced BookKeeping Course

Cash Flow Statement

  • Cash Flow and Profit
  • Cash Flow Statement and its use

Budgeting and Its Process

  • Budget
  • Types of Budgets
  • The Budget Process
  • Managing of Budget

Introduction to Partnership and Company

  • Different types of Partnership
  • Partnership Statement

Interpretation of Financial Statements

  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Key Financial Metrics

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