Bookkeeping Course

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Bookkeeping course in singapore

Bookkeeping Course in Singapore

Learn How to do Bookkeeping! This is a comprehensive course for accounting. You will learn from basic to advanced part of bookkeeping.

Duration: 3 Days

Venue: 10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

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Bookkeeping Workshop Outline (7 Hours Workshop) – BASIC

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  • Business: Learn the types of businesses and the way it works
  • Different Resources of the business: We will show a quick way to understand the different resources controlled by the business and the relationship between them.
  • Bookkeeping Process: See how your accountants do and organizes things
  • Double Entry: Learn the most important thing of accounting!
  • Ledger Accounts: Step into the world where bookkeepers roam…
  • REPORTS: Prepare the Trial Balance, Income Statement and Statement of Financial Position

Bookkeeping Class Outline (7 Hours Workshop) – INTERMEDIATE

  • Bank Reconciliation: Tally your receipts and payments with the bank statement
  • Accruals & Prepayments: Complete the accounts with final review of expenses and income
  • Depreciation: Calculate the cost of generating income with your fixed assets
  • Bad and Doubtful Debts Allowances: Reviewing and controlling your receivables to check their ability to pay.

Bookkeeping Course Outline (7 Hours Workshop) – ADVANCED

  • Interpretation: Read and understand what the numbers are trying to tell you. Don't Ignore them!
  • [BONUS]: Have a preview of other business entities: Partnership and Private Limited Companies

accounting training course singapore  Bookkeeping Training Workshop Outline

1st Day Bookkeeping Course

Understanding the different types of organisations
Understanding Basic Book Keeping Terminology
Understanding Basic Accounting Terminolog

Introduction to Book Keeping processes

  • Double Entry
  • Debit & Credit

Keeping Track of Your Business Transactions

  • The General Ledger
  • The Journal
  • Cash Book & Petty Cash
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable

Chart of Accounts

  • Revenue & Expenses
  • Assets, Liabilities, Equity

Preparation of Financial Statements

  • Trial Balance
  • How the financial statements are prepared

2nd Day Book Keeping Course

End of Period Procedures

  • Depreciating Your Assets
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Doubtful Debt Provision
  • Accrual and Prepayments
  • Posting Adjustments and Corrections
  • Journal Entries

General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

  •  Accounting Methods
  • Cash & Credit Transactions
  • Accrual Method of Accounting

Understanding the 3 Key Financial Statements:
Balance Sheet

  • The Accounting Equation
  • Types of Assets
  • Types of Liabilities
  • Equity and Retained Earnings

Income Statement

  • Revenue
  • Cost of Goods Sold/Expenses

Cash Flow Statement

3rd Day Book Keeping Course

Financial Management Interpretation of Financial Statements
  • Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Key Financial Metrics
Budgeting and Its Process
  • Budget
  • Types of Budgets
  • The Budget Process
  • Managing of Budget

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