Google Analytics Training Course

Google Analytics Training Course in Singapore

Google Analytics Training Course in Singapore

Google Analytics Course Overview

Google Analytics is a free tool for web analytics service offered by Google and anyone can use it who has a Google account. This google Analytics tools will help you to tracks and reports website traffic, online behavior of visitors on your website.

You can monitor data such as what pages your users visit on your website, what time they stay on your site and from where they are coming like organic or direct at your site. It will help you to monitor your website’s performance and optimise your digital campaigns.

google analytics training Singapore

Key Features

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  • Up-to-date course modules
  • Hands-on training
  • Step by Step Guide How to set up Google Analytics Code in your website
  • Structured curriculum developed by Google Analytic experts in Singapore
  • Practical examples & case studies
  • Certificate of Achievement After Completion
  • One Time Free Refresh Class within 6 Month

About google analytics training Course

This 1-day Google Analytics Digital Marketing course help individuals or organization improve your knowledge and practical ability to using Google Analytics to monitor your website/business traffic.
Students will learn the fundamental of Google Analytics, like how it works, how to view data that is presented to you to conduct analysis and improvements on their own website.

After completing this course students will be able to make objective data-driven decisions to improve their businesses and websites instead of making general assumptions that are not supported by evidence.

We will conduct a live analysis training to demonstrate various key factors that affect online traffic performance

What will you learn in the Google Analytics Course?

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Set up a Google Analytics account and install the code/plugin on your web site
  • Understand the different features of the Google Analytics dashboard
  • Set up the proper conversion tracking/goals for to trace conversions for your business
  • Analyse Google Analytics knowledge and implement enhancements on the web site and reduced bounce rate
  • Able to use the information from the Google Analytics dashboard to create data-driven business Strategies.
  • Track the success of campaigns
  • Remove spam traffic and set up custom alerts

Who should take up the Google Analytics Training Course?

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who wish to have a better understanding of their web traffic
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to start out their own business
  • Digital marketers who wish to learn about Google Analytics
  • Working professionals who are looking for a career change to the Internet marketing Fields.


  • Basic computer Skills and knowledge.

Duration: 1 Days

Venue: 10, Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Google Analytics Training Course  Google Analytics Certification Course Outline


Module 1 – Introduction to Google Analytics

  • What is Google Analytics
  • Why tracking of your data is important

Module 2 – Setup

  • Set up Google analytics
  • Link Google Analytics to your website (Plugin Or Custom Code)

Module 3 – Different ways to install tracking code to your website

  • Via WordPress plugin
  • Via custom code insertion

Module 4 – Dashboard Walkthrough

  • Showing of demo account
  • Understanding of key metrics like Goals, Keywords, channels, Time Spent, Bounce Rate, Traffic (Mobile vs Desktop)
  • Navigating through the Google Analytics data
  • What are the important things to look out for
  • What are the key areas to monitor and analyse

Module 5 – Reports Analysis

  • How to read real-time reports
  • How to use audience reports to search for top customers
  • How to use acquisition reports to increase web traffic & revenue
  • How to use behaviour reports to find popular web content on your website

Module 6 – Campaign Tagging

  • How to track the success of campaigns
  • How to tag a campaign link (step by step)

Module 7 – Setting up alerts & account linking

  • How to remove spam traffic
  • How to set up custom alerts
  • How to link Google Adwords to Google Analytics
  • How to add colleagues/outsourced worker to Google Analytics
  • Learn the steps to integrate your Google Analytics account to your Google Webmaster

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