Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Statement

Inspizone Pte Ltd is committed to protecting the privacy of any information volunteered by visitors to its websites, and employees, students and others who have rights to log into them. All users of Inspizone Pte Ltd’s websites and services should ensure they read and understand this Statement prior to using such websites or services. If you do not agree with this Privacy Statement, please do not use any Inspizone Pte Ltd website or the related services.

2. Purposes

The purposes of this Statement are to:
  • clarify the responsible collection and handling of personal information by Inspizone Pte Ltd
  • inform individuals of their right to access information about them which is held by Inspizone Pte Ltd and to correct any errors in that information
  • establish a complaints procedure for investigation and rectification of privacy breaches.

3. Scope and responsibility

This Statement applies to personal information collected by Inspizone Pte Ltd concerning students, prospective students, clients and other individuals. It also applies to employees to the extent that the personal information is not part of the employee’s employment record with Inspizone Pte Ltd. It does not apply to information about corporations. This Statement must be observed by all Inspizone Pte Ltd employees, consultants, external contractors and students who have access to personal.

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