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Communication Skills Course Singapore

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    Professional Communication Training Course Singapore

    About Effective Communication Skill Course

    Two days Effective Communication Skill Training Course will be interactive and will address effective communication skills & strategies to equip participants with relevant skills to effectively manage workplace issues with enhanced level of professionalism. There will be role plays activities, group discussions and case studies involved.

    Course Duration: 2 Days

    Venue10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

    Key Features

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    • Updated Course Modules
    • Hands-on training Led by Expert Trainer
    • Certificate of Achievement After Completion
    • One Time Free Refresh Class within 6 Month

      Effective Communication Course Outline

    Target Student

    • All those who want to speak in public
    • Who want to built personality to speak
    • Have hesitation to speak
    • Lecturers & Trainers & Teachers
    • Business owners
    • Higher management 
    • Teachers, Lecturers and Public Speakers in General

    Why Need Effective Communication

    • Become a attraction of crowd using communication skill
    • Effective techniques to become strong communicator
    • Confidence while communication
    • Become a Better Public Speaker
    • Speak up to share views, ideas and opinion
    • Impressive Body language while communication
    • 10 Effective Communication practice

    Interacting with People

    • What does it mean to be assertive and how can you achieve it?
    • How to provide feedback to others so they take your word seriously?
    • How can you avoid appearing aggressive?
    • How to use systematic methods to evaluate what you know about yourself and what you know about others?
    • How to learn which areas you need to work on to improve yourself based on other people impression of you?

    Questioning Techniques

    • How to ask the right questions at the right time?
    • How to get what you want and stay friends?
    • How to address uncomfortable issues and prepare others to open up to you?
    • What are the differences between open and closed questions and how can you take advantage of each?
    • How to seamlessly guide a conversation towards the direction of your choice?


    • What causes misunderstanding?
    • How can you minimize misunderstanding?
    • How can stereotyping affect your communication?
    • How to use active listening to gain rapport and commitment?
    • When should you use first person sentences when communicating with others and when should you use second person?

    Empathy & Emotional Intelligence

    • What is the effect of empathic on communication?
    • How to use a simple empathic technique to construct sentences based on what you hear from others and make an emphatic communication?

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