Blockchain Course

Blockchain Training Course Singapore

Blockchain Certification Training Course

Blockchain is hailed as a major disruptor to many industries, but what exactly is it? Blockchain technology is currently a hot topic in the Tech industry and display great exponential growth in usage, but how can it be used? This one-day course provides a general overview of this technology and designs to answer:
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  • What exactly is Blockchain?
  • How does Blockchain Technology work?
  • Why should your organisation’s business consider this?
  • Where and for what apps is it appropriate?
  • Who is using it and for what?
  • How do I Implement this?
  • What is the future for Blockchain?

Duration: 1 Day

Venue: 10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Course Objectives:

  • Understand how blockchain came about and its development over the last few years
  • Understand the basic concepts and core principles of blockchain technology
  • Learn the benefits of Blockchain and its use cases
  • Gain understanding on the adoption and implementation of Blockchain

Target Audience:

  • Blockchain is one of the highly disruptive technologies of all time.
  • Apart from digital transactions, its applications are widely used for digital assets, tracking ownership, voting, physical assets, etc.
  • As the number of industries adopting Blockchain technology is extensively increasing, in the same way, the opportunities are also growing tremendously.

Who should learn Blockchain?

The opportunities associated with the Blockchain are limitless. Anyone interested in learning future-oriented innovative technologies can go for this one. It is highly suitable for those who are into below professions.

  • Developers
  • Team Leads
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Product managers
  • Banking/financial professionals

Prerequisites for the Blockchain course:

There are no prerequisites as such. If anyone wishes to pursue a career in Blockchain, prior to taking training.

Blockchain Training Course Singapore  Blockchain Training Course Curriculum

Module 1: Blockchain Basics

  • Distributed systems
  • The history of blockchain
  • Introduction to blockchain
  • Types of blockchain
  • Benefits and limitations of blockchain

Module 2: Decentralization

  • Decentralization using blockchain
  • Methods of decentralization
  • Blockchain and full ecosystem decentralization
  • Smart contract
  • Decentralized applications
  • Platforms for decentralization

Module 3: Ethereum basics

  • Introduction
  • Ethereum blockchain
  • Elements of the Ethereum blockchain
  • Ether
  • Mining
  • Clients and wallets
  • The Ethereum network
  • Applications developed on Ethereum
  • Scalability and security issues

Module 4: Smart Contract Programming Basics

  • Advantages and Drawbacks of Smart Contracts
  • Smart Contracts with Solidity
  • The Layout of a Solidity File
  • Writing simple smart contract
  • Creating contracts
  • Using new keyword

Module 5: Ethereum Development

  • Setting up a development environment
  • Algorithms & Techniques
  • Development tools and clients
  • Introducing solidity
  • Decentralized Applications

Module 6: Understanding Deployment and Costs

  • Understand Development and Deployment Cycles
  • Understanding Solidity Compilation and Deployment
  • Gas and Gas-Costs
  • Upgradeability and Data Migration Techniques

Module 7: Hyperledger

  • Hyperledger as a protocol
  • Hyperledger Fabric

Module 8: Alternative Blockchains

  • Platforms
  • Blockchain Usage
  • Best Practices

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