Artificial Intelligence Course

Masters in Robotics & AI Course Singapore

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a driving force to change humanity by helping people and businesses create exciting, new products and services, drive critical decisions and achieve key goals. That’s why companies are hiring AI professionals at a jaw-dropping rate!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Course Objectives

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the training, you will be able to:
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  • Understand TensorFlow concepts, functions, operations and the execution pipeline
  • Understand the concepts of machine learning including mathematical aspects.
  • Implement deep learning algorithms in TensorFlow and interpret results.
  • Understand neural networks to analyze and utilize data
  • Comprehend theoretical and practical Machine Learning aspects.
  • Understand implementing AI techniques for problem-solving and explaining its limitations.

Why should you learn Artificial Intelligence to grow your career?

  • AI has become the cutting-edge technology in today’s technological world with more and more companies adopting it every single day.
  • The average salary of an experienced AI professional is $246,500 per year-

Who should learn Artificial Intelligence?

This training is the perfect choice for

  • Professionals in analytics
  • Data Science Professionals
  • E-commerce Professionals
  • Search Engine Professionals

Software professionals who wish to switch career to AI

What are the prerequisites for the Artificial Intelligence course?

  • Anyone regardless of their prior skills can take this training.

What will you learn in this Artificial Intelligence training?

The following are the essential skills that users will gain upon completion of this training:

  • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
  • Building neural networks in AI
  • Understanding Machine learning & Deep learning
  • Backpropagation in neural networks
  • Numerical TensorFlow Computation
  • Deep learning training models
  • Working with recommender systems in AI.

Duration: 3 Days

Venue: 10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

  Artificial Intelligence AI Training Course Outline:

  • Artificial Intelligence Introduction
  • Decoding AI, what is it all about?
  • Use cases in various industries
  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Innovations in AI and ML
  • Applications of AI
  • How to develop AI products
  • The societal impact of AI

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