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Google Adwords Course Singapore (Pay Per Click)


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Google Ads Course Introduction

Learn how to Boost Your Sales and how your prospects can reach to you using Google Adwords.

In Google Adwords Course you will learn about Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Internet Marketing or Online Marketing using Google Ads. Google Adwords is also known as PPC(Pay Per Click) Ads. After getting this course you will be familiarized with the Google AdWords tool. This AdWords Basic course will teach you how to leverage Google AdWords to best serve your online marketing needs. The unique feature of this Google AdWords training is that it includes hands-on interactive exercises empowering students to productively use Google AdWords on their own website right away.

Who Should Attend This Course

This Google AdWords class is targeted toward online marketers, media analysts, web analysts and business owners who want to promote their businesses using search engine marketing tools.

Why Need to Learn Google Adwords?

Who want to get very targeted traffic to your website. These visitors are those who really need your product and services.

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google adwords training Google Adwords Course Outline

  • Understanding on Google Adwords and other Google services
  • Why we should do PPC or Google Ads
  • How to create the Google Adwords account
  • Understanding structure of Google Adwords Account
  • Type of Google Adwords campaigns
  • How to create our first campaign
  • How to create Adgroup
  • How to create Ad Copy
  • How to research keywords for the Adgroup
  • What are the type of keywords and where we should use them
  • How to optimize the campaign
  • How to find out issues with Google Adwords result
  • How to get better ROI for Google Adwords Account
  • How to get analysis of the account
  • What are the dimensions and metrics we need to measure for better result
  • Case studies of Google Adwords

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