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Google Adwords Course Singapore

Google AdWords Training Course Singapore (PPC)

Google Ads Course Overview

Learn how to Boost Your Sales and how your prospects can reach to you using Google Adwords.

In Google Adwords Course you will learn about Search Engine Marketing, Internet Marketing or Online Marketing using Google Ads. Google Adwords is also known as PPC(Pay Per Click) Ads. After getting this course you will be familiarized with the Google AdWords tool. This AdWords Basic course will teach you how to leverage Google AdWords to best serve your online marketing needs. The unique feature of this Google AdWords training is that it includes hands-on interactive exercises empowering students to productively use Google AdWords on their own website right away.

google adwords training course

Key Features

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  • 100% payable using SkillsFuture Credit
  • Updated Course Modules
  • Hands-on training by Google Certified experts in Singapore
  • Step-by-step Course to setting up a Google Ads account
  • Attention to each participant
  • Curriculum Designed by Google Certified experts in Singapore
  • Practical examples & case studies
  • Certificate of Achievement After Completion
  • Free Unlimited Refresh Class

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you will be able to understand:
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  • How to use Google Keyword Planner Tool to identify the right keywords for your Ads.
  • Understand the different type of Keywords using in Google Ads Account
  • Understand the different type Google Ads Campaign
  • Properly set up a Google Ads Search Campaign
  • Setup ad groups in Google Ads Campaign
  • Do A/B Testing of your Ads campaign
  • Learn advanced Google Ads optimization skills
  • Improve your CTR (click through rate) and Quality Score via ad extensions
  • Setup Google Analytics Code to Track where your customers come
  • Reduced your Ads Expanding costs with optimizing negative keywords

Target Audience

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who wants to generate leads from Google Adwords
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to start their own online business
  • Digital marketers who wish to learn or improve their existing Google Ads campaign Skills.
  • Working professionals who are looking for a career change to the digital marketing industry


  • Basic computer knowledge

Google AdWords Certification Course Outline

Module 1 – Basics of Google Ads

  • Introduction of Google Ads
  • Different Type of Google Ads
  • How can Ads benefit your business?
  • Ads Campaign setup (Step By Step)

Module 2 – Identify Business Requirements

  • Identify Business needs
  • How to use Keyword Planner Tool
  • How to use Google Trends

Module 3 – Campaign & Ads Group Setup

  • How to create a campaign
  • How to structure ad groups according to business requirements
  • How to use Keyword Planner to form ad groups

Module 4 – Ad Copy Text

  • Why is A/B Testing important for every campaign
  • What is Click Through Rate (CTR) and why is important for your campaign
  • How to improve your Quality Score
  • Ad Text Practice with Review
  • Comparison of Good and Bad ad Text examples

Module 5 – Keywords research

  • Keyword Types (Broad, Phrase, BMM, Exact)
  • Which keyword type(s) are used in your campaign
  • Live Demo and case studies
  • A shortcut for keyword type generation

Module 6 – Biddings

  • How much should you bid for a keyword
  • Why bidding for the top position may be a double-edged sword
  • How Quality Score affects your bid prices

Module 7 – Optimisation

  • Improve your CTR (click through rate) via ad extensions
  • Track where your customers come from via Google Analytics
  • Discover keywords that created the clicks via search terms
  • Lower your costs with negative keywords
  • Improve targeting via time & location optimisation
  • Improve signups and conversions via landing page optimisation

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