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Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation Skills

After completing this 2-day PowerPoint training course, participant will be able to create and deliver a professional PowerPoint presentations that explain the key points of the presented message via the use of text, graphics, and animations. Specifically, participant will be able to:

  • Get familiar with the basic features and functions of PowerPoint 2016.
  • Create a professional PowerPoint presentation from scratch.
  • Add advanced text editing.
  • Import graphics, audio and video to a presentation.
  • Modify objects in a presentation.
  • Create tables to a presentation.
  • Add charts to a presentation.
  • Prepare to deliver an exclusive presentation.

Inspizone's Trainer Credentials

Inspizone’s trainer for PowerPoint training course is certified from Microsoft and also certified by ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment). Hands-on step by step guidance with examples will be provided to create a professional PowerPoint presentation.

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MS Powerpoint Training Details


Lesson 1: Getting Started with PowerPoint

  • Topic A: Navigate the PowerPoint Environment
  • Topic B: View and Navigate a Presentation
  • Topic C: Create and Save a Basic Presentation
  • Topic D: Navigate in PowerPoint for the Web
  • Topic E: Use PowerPoint Help

Lesson 2: Developing a PowerPoint Presentation

  • Topic A: Create Presentations
  • Topic B: Edit Text
  • Topic C: Work with Slides
  • Topic D: Design a Presentation

Lesson 3: Formatting Text

  • Topic A: Format Characters
  • Topic B: Format Paragraphs

Lesson 4: Adding and Arranging Graphical Elements

  • Topic A: Insert Images
  • Topic B: Insert Shapes
  • Topic C: Create SmartArt
  • Topic D: Insert Icons and 3D Models
  • Topic E: Size, Group, and Arrange Objects

Lesson 5: Modifying Graphical Elements

  • Topic A: Format Images
  • Topic B: Format Shapes
  • Topic C: Customize SmartArt
  • Topic D: Format Icons, Format 3D Models
  • Topic F: Animate Objects

Lesson 6: Preparing to Deliver Your Presentation

  • Topic A: Review Your Presentation
  • Topic B: Apply Transitions
  • Topic C: Print or Export a Presentation
  • Topic D: Deliver Your Presentation


Lesson 1: Customizing Design Templates

  • Topic A: Modify Slide Masters and Slide Layouts
  • Topic B: Modify the Notes Master and the Handout Master
  • Topic C: Add Headers and Footers

Lesson 2: Adding Tables

  • Topic A: Create a Table
  • Topic B: Format a Table
  • Topic C: Insert a Table from Other Microsoft Office Applications

Lesson 3: Adding Charts

  • Topic A: Create a Chart
  • Topic B: Format a Chart
  • Topic C: Insert a Chart from Microsoft Excel

Lesson 4: Working with Media

  • Topic A: Add Audio to a Presentation
  • Topic B: Add Video to a Presentation
  • Topic C: Add a Screen Recording

Lesson 5: Building Advanced Transitions and Animations

  • Topic A: Use the Morph Transition
  • Topic B: Customize Animations

Lesson 6: Collaborating on a Presentation

  • Topic A: Review a Presentation
  • Topic B: Co-author a Presentation

Lesson 7: Customizing Presentation Delivery

  • Topic A: Enhance a Live Presentation
  • Topic B: Record a Presentation
  • Topic C: Set Up a Slide Show

Lesson 8: Modifying Presentation Navigation

  • Topic A: Divide a Presentation into Sections
  • Topic B: Add Links
  • Topic C: Create a Custom Slide Show

Lesson 9: Securing and Distributing a Presentation

  • Topic A: Secure a Presentation
  • Topic B: Create a Video or a CD

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