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Android Mobile Application Course Singapore

Learn Android Mobile Application Course

mobile application development course sinagpore
ios app development course singapore
mobile app development course singapore

Mobile App Development Course Singapore: Learn to design, build, and publish iOS and Android mobile apps from scratch.

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Course Start Date

  • 11/01/2020 | 09:30-17:30
    Week Days
  • Schedule

    Days: 3 Days
    Duration: 21 Hours
    Timings: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

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    Why Choose Us

    • SkillsFuture Credit Eligible
    • Expert Local Trainers
    • Attention to each participant
    • Practical examples & case studies
    • Hands-on training by Android Certified experts in Singapore
    • Step-by-step Course to setting up a Google Ads account
    • Curriculum Designed by Android Certified experts in Singapore
    • Free Refresh Class within 6 Month

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    Who Should Attend This Mobile App Development Course Singapore

    Mobile app development training course is ideal for developers who wants to build their career in app development

    Android Mobile Application Course Objective:

    Our Android Mobile Training Course makes you an expert in Android application development. Learn overview of android development tools, activity, services and testing for user-focused app development, Android basics, its complete architecture to understand core data etc.

    About Course:

    No coding experiences? No problem. This app development course is designed for aspiring Android developers with no or limited programming background. 

    • Objective of the course is to equip the participants with knowledge specific to Android platform (iPhone/iPad).
    • We cover all levels on Android, from basic to advanced, 
    • Enhancing your development skills or seeking advanced knowledge, we’ve got everything covered.

    Target Student:

    Anyone who wants to learn Mobile App Development.

    mobile app development course for beginners singapore

    Android Mobile App Training Outline

    Getting Started with Android Programming

    • What is Android?
    • Obtaining the Required Tools
    • Creating Your First Android Application
    • Anatomy of an Android Application

    Getting to Know the Android User Interface

    • Understanding the Components of a Screen
    • Adapting to Display Orientation
    • Managing Changes to Screen Orientation
    • Utilizing the Action Bar
    • Creating the User Interface Programmatically
    • Listening for UI Notifications

    Data Persistence

    • Saving and Loading User Preferences
    • Persisting Data to Files
    • Creating and Using Databases


    • SMS Messaging
    • Sending E-mail


    • Consuming Web Services Using HTTP
    • Consuming JSON Services
    • Sockets Programming

    Publishing Android Applications

    • Preparing for Publishing
    • Deploying APK Files

    Activities, Fragments, and Intents

    • Understanding Activities
    • Linking Activities Using Intents
    • Fragments
    • Calling Built-In Applications Using Intents
    • Displaying Notifications

    Content Providers

    • Sharing Data in Android
    • Using a Content Provider
    • Creating Your Own Content Providers
    • Using the Content Provider


    • Control Plans
    • Managing Change
    • Introduction to Design for Six Sigma
    • Statistical Tolerancing
    • Training and Certification

    Location-Based Services

    • Displaying Maps
    • Getting Location Data
    • Monitoring a Location
    • Project – Building a Location Tracker

    Developing Android Services

    • Creating Your Own Services
    • Establishing Communication between a Service and an Activity
    • Binding Activities to Services
    • Understanding Threading

    google logo Reviews of our students

    Sarah Lah
    Saurabh Pant
    a years ago

    Amazing institute especially for Python programming course. I will suggest everyone to visit Inspizone if you are looking to pursue python programming course in Singapore.
    Josephine Low
    Lachu Gandhi

    Content of the course is appropriate. Trainer valene was very good and interactive. The place, course materials, the presentation and content of the material everything were clear and precise and she gave proper response to the queries raised. The place is well maintained too. Overall, a good experience and sure, I will recommend inspizone to my friends who are keen on upgrading themselves.
    shengwei tan
    shengwei tan

    Stella is a great lecturer, the lesson taught are well orderly manner for each day which preps in beforehand and learning better.
    Odinelza Santos
    Odinelza Santos
    a year ago

    If you are Western better to stay away. at this place all Asian group prejudices and social positioning systems play out: caste, hierarchy, subjugation of others, etc...
    pamela ng
    pamela ng
    2 years ago

    Excellent Lesson , Morden Technology for virtual training.
    Chiqui Ehong
    Germaine Lee
    a year ago

    Communication, Professionalism, Value
    Jacqueline Lee
    Jacqueline Lee

    Went for a accounting course, Steven was friendly and helpful
    Wenyan Yeo
    Guido Sudero

    The course was effective for my purpose, the Teacher was clear and professional and she covered all the various aspects in an extensive and careful way. Then, the follow up they do, sending the course material to all Students is also good. Indeed a good Excel course for a beginner.
    Ken Cheong

    Here i attended two courses. The Teacher is more knowledgeable person. I attend here accounts and Corporate Tax Singapore courses. really ill recommend this institute.
    Josephine Low
    Lachu Gandhi

    Content of the course is appropriate. Trainer valene was very good and interactive. The place, course materials, the presentation and content of the material everything were clear and precise and she gave proper response to the queries raised. The place is well maintained too. Overall, a good experience and sure, I will recommend inspizone to my friends who are keen on upgrading themselves.
    Chiqui Ehong
    Grace CH Ong

    A very useful course with laptops provided and sample datasets for our training. Training was very well-paced and clear, helpful for learning. Trainer also was happy to go around assisting when needed and managed queries well for us. Happy to have participated in a course at Inspizone 🙂
    Lim Valintina
    L T.
    a year ago

    Environment: neat and organized Pace of the class: perfect Learning tools: clear and straightforward Trainer (Bee Hoon): efficient, proactive, knowledgeable and humorous Overall: Excellent. Class ended earlier than stipulated time (despite time spent waiting for latecomers to get seated).
    Annie Ong
    Annie Ong
    5 months ago

    Dr Suresh is a excellent lecturer, he teaches the students incorporate with his own experience in accounting. This make us "students" who has no background of accounting understand and grasp the lesson with ease. The staff at Inspizone is so attentive and reply to our query without much delay. They are professional in handling us different students with different needs during our course. Recommended Training Institute to take lesson and learn what you need!
    a year ago

    I have attended their MICROSOFT OFFICE EXCEL 2016 – INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED LEVELS training. The trainer Bee Hoon is knowledgeable, patient and made online training an enjoyable hands-on experience. I would recommend the course for anyone wanting practical training, and I hope that there will be more online classes in the future.
    J Quek
    J Quek
    2 years ago

    I am so glad that I had clicked on the site of Inspizone and decided to give a try on one of their courses, Master Excel Training. And I've got more than what I expected, I have done the course many years back but the trainers were never generous with their tips but Bee Hoon, a big "WOOW" she is very generous with the tips and know-how that I had never known before and she is very patient ...gosh! Fantastic trainer!! The Training Coordinator, Sophia, she was very helpful from the moment I send in my request and questions, she patiently guided me from registration, claiming my skill future till the approval and giving me the class schedule. A big thank you and great service! The school, wow!! I never have seen a school supplying such a well-stocked and premium snacks for students/trainees, the class welfare is really great and taken care of!! Thank you! I will definitely recommend Inspizone and I will keep a lookout for other courses that they have.
    Celest Tan
    Celest Tan
    a year ago

    I took the Videography and Editing class under trainer Adrian. He is a practitioner with many years of experience. Certainly an eye opener as i had many videos and photos but did not know how to put them together into a footage with a story. After attending this, i am able to do it. Highly recommended.
    ruo liong
    ruo liong
    2 years ago

    I attended the Accounting lesson . The trainer was very experienced and was bi lingual so it was easy for me to ask question.
    ruo liong
    Ringo Lee
    a year ago

    Helpful staff and experienced trainer!
    ruo liong
    Jie Zhang
    2 months ago

    comprehensive content. useful for daily work. patient trainer. it will be better if touch more advanced functions.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What do I learn in a mobile app development course?

    A well-structured mobile app development course covers software development, mobile application development, web app development, mobile computing, android multimedia, iOS multimedia, app safety and security, app functionality, etc. All these topics create a strong foundation and help you navigate smoothly throughout your app development course.

    What are the different types of mobile app one can develop after this course?

    Mobile app development course in Singapore enables students to learn and explore new horizons in the app development realm. After this course, one can develop for both Android and iOS phones and tablets.

    What skills do you need to become a mobile app developer?

    To be a top-notch app developer in the market, you need to have some super basic skills like:

    • Analytical skills.
    • Good communication skills.
    • Creativity.
    • Problem-solving skills.
    • Good knowledge of programming languages.

    What do you need to learn to become a mobile app developer?

    You can find zillions of courses online for mobile app development. The android mobile application course Singapore focuses on building a strong foundation to make you stand out from the clutter. For android apps, you need to be well-versed with Java. Java is one of the most popular languages for android app development. Apart from this, you should also have strong knowledge of HTML/CSS to be an all-rounder.

    Which programming language is best for mobile app development?

    Mobile app development is a wide concept and having a sturdy grip over the subject is crucial to excel in the field. Here’s a list of programming languages you need to consider:

    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • C++
    • C#
    • Python
    • CSS, HTML, JavaScript
    • Dart
    • Corona

    Who Should Attend This Mobile App Development Course in Singapore?

    The course is suitable for anyone who’s interested in mobile app development. The course is especially meant for:

    • App developer
    • Ui/Ux designer
    • Web app developer
    • Trainers
    • Students

    What's the outline of the Mobile App Development Course Singapore?

    The course outline looks like this:

    • Getting started with android programming
    • Getting to know the android user interface
    • Data persistence
    • Messaging
    • Networking
    • Publishing android applications
    • Activities, fragments, and intents
    • Content providers
    • Control
    • Location-based service
    • Developing android services.

    This curriculum flow can help you make your base strong and carve a robust mobile app developer out of you.

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