IOS Mobile Application Development

Mobile App Development Course

iOS Mobile App Development Course in Singapore

Duration: 3 Days

Venue: 10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Singapore 079903

About Course: No coding experiences? No problem. this course is designed for aspiring IOS developers with no or limited programing back ground. Objective of the course is to equip the participants with knowledge specific to iOS platform (iPhone/iPad).
we cover all levels on Android and iOS, from basic to advanced, for enhancing your development skills or seeking advanced knowledge, we’ve got everything covered.

Target Student: Anyone who wants to learn Mobile App Development.

Mobile App Development Training Singapore  iOS Mobile App Development Training Outline

Lesson 1: Introductioin to Xcode 9

  • Introduction to Xcode 9
  • Xcode walkthrough – Storyboard, ViewController,
  • Navigators, Inspectors, Library,Debugging console, Assistant Editor, etc
  • View Controllers and UIKit
  • UI Elements – Labels, Button, ImageView
  • Building & Running Your Application
  • Debugging an app.

Lesson 2: Introduction to Swift 4

  • Swift Basics – Data Types
  • Swift Basic - Variables, & Constants
  • Swift Basics – Comments, Print to Console
  • Swift Collections – Array, Set, Dictionary, Tuple
  • Swift Conditional Logic – If/Else, Switch, For Loops,etc.
  • Swift Scope – local, global scope

Lesson 3: Project - Building a BMI Calculator / Order Taking App

  • Swift Basics
  • Swift Data Types
  • Swift Operators
  • Swift Control Logics
  • Exposing UI Elements to Swift
  • Handling User interactions(Button Click)
  • Storyboard and View Controllers
  • UI Elements (Labels, Button, ImageView)
  • Building and Running an App
  • (Optional) You can build a restaurant order taking app

Lesson 4: Building a Word-guessing App / Quiz App

  • App Overview
  • App Layout
  • Add Constraints & AutoLayout
  • Exposing UI Elements to Code
  • Handling User Interactions (Button clicked)
  • Stack Views
  • Changing of App Icons
  • Custom UI Buttons
  • View Apps in Different Devices and Orientation
  • (Optional) – you can build a Quiz app to keep score!)

Lesson 5: Multi-Screen & Multi-Tab App with Animation

  • Multiple screen(storyboards) app – Seguels
  • Navigation Controllers
  • Customize Navigation Controller
  • Animate between screen transitions
  • Adding program logics to different storyboard
  • Tab bar controllers
  • Swift Options
  • Swift Enums

Lesson 6: Building a Camera & Gallery Apps

  • Access System View Controllers
  • Access Camera Apps
  • Accessing Photo Gallery Image
  • Sharing content between friends/contacts
  • Sending Email from your app
  • Requesting permission to access personal data
  • (Optional) You can build app to take pic of your home furniture or pull images from your gallery and send to your friends.

Lesson 7: Pusblishing Apps to Apple Appstore

  • iOS App Publishing Workflow
  • Preparing Settings
  • Submitting Apps for Review

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