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Microsoft Word Training Course in Singapore

Microsoft Word Training could be a top-level certification programmed where the participant will understand their ability to use the features of MS word applications to boost their work, improve productivity and save time.

The module provides participants to get the chance to be certified at ‘expert level’ by the use of Microsoft word applications, upgrade skills sets over and boost their career Students will be able to:
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  • Apply column, paragraph, advanced text and table formatting.
  • Convert text to a table and vice versa
  • Work with Advanced feature like footnotes, endnotes and captions.
  • Create tables of contents, indexes and cross-references.
  • Increase productivity by using forms, fields and templates
  • How to use advanced mail merge techniques and work with automation technique, likemacros
  • Use embedding features and linking to integrate data

The course requires Basic Computer knowledge, kindly process this quiz to help you decide

Who should learn MS word Training Course?
This course is meant for participants who would like to be told the fundamental operations of Microsoft Word to perform their regular responsibilities, and who wish to use the application to be more productive in their work.
  • IT professionals
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Duration: 2 Days

    Venue:10 Anson Road, 26-08A International Plaza, Tanjong Pagar

Enhance your skills on Microsoft Word Course with hands-on training delivered by Microsoft certified trainers.

Microsoft Word Training Course  Day 1: Microsoft Word Training Outline:

Getting Started With Word

  • Identify the Components of the Word Interface
  • Create a Word Document
  • Help

Editing A Document

  • Navigate and Select Text
  • Modify Text
  • Find and Replace Text

Formatting Text And Paragraphs

  • Apply Character Formatting
  • Align Text Using Tabs
  • Display Text as List Items
  • Control Paragraph Layout
  • Apply Borders and Shading
  • Apply Styles
  • Manage Formatting

Adding Tables

  • Insert a Table
  • Modify a Table
  • Format a Table
  • Convert Text to a Table

Managing Lists

  • Sort a List
  • Renumber a List
  • Customize a List

Inserting Graphic Objects

  •  Insert Symbols and Special Characters
  • Add Images to a Document

Controlling Page Appearance

  • Apply a Page Border and Color
  • Add a Watermark
  • Add Headers and Footers
  • Control Page Layout

Proofing A Document

  • Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Other Proofing Tools
  • Check Accessibility

Customizing The Word Environment

  • Customize the Word Interface
  • Additional Save Option

Working With Tables And Charts

  • Sort Table Data
  • Control Cell Layout
  • Perform Calculations in a Table
  • Create a Chart

Microsoft Office Word Training  Day 2: Microsoft Word Course Outline (Open on request for a group of a min of 8 pax) 

Working with Tables and Charts

  • Work with Ranges name
  • Sort Table Data
  • Control Cell Layout
  • Perform Calculations in a Table
  • Create a Chart

Customizing Formats Using Styles and Themes

  • Create and Modify Text Styles
  • Create Custom List or Table Styles
  • Apply Document Themes

Using Images in a Document

  • Resize an Image
  • Adjust Image Appearance
  • Integrate Pictures and Text
  • Insert and Format Screenshots
  • Insert Video

Creating Custom Graphic Elements

  • Create Text Boxes and Pull Quotes
  • Draw Shapes
  • Add WordArt and Other Text Effects
  • Create Complex Illustrations with SmartArt

Inserting Content Using Quick Parts

  • Insert Building Blocks
  • Create and Modify Building Blocks
  • Insert Fields Using Quick Parts

Controlling Text Flow

  • Control Paragraph Flow
  • Insert Section Breaks
  • Insert Columns
  • Link Text Boxes to Control Text Flow

Using Templates

  • Create a Document Using a Template
  • Create a Template

Using Mail Merge

  • The Mail Merge Features
  • Merge Envelopes and Labels
  • Create a Data Source Using Word

Using Macros

  • Automate Tasks Using Macros
  • Create a Macro

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