Advanced Dot Net Course

Advanced C# Dot NET Programming Language Course

Advance .Net Course Objective

The objective of Dot Net Programming Course course is to provide students with an understanding about building GUIs for web-based applications and web services.
Another objective is to teach students how to develop computer applications under Visual Studio Environment,
with an emphasis on the correct application of object-oriented methods.

The course covers all major language features including object-oriented concepts, Windows Forms programming, ADO.Net.
We are also covering LINQ, WCF and Web Services.

Course Duration

4 Days from 9:00am to 5:00pm Advanced C#. NET Programming Language Training.

Target Audience

This Course is targeting to the candidates who have basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming.

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  Advanced C# Dot Net Training Content:

Introducing Windows Presentation Foundations:

Introduction, The Architecture of WPF , Components, Types of WPF Applications, The WPF Designer, XAML and WPF, Common Controls in WPF , Resources and Styles

Working with Data and ADO.NET:

Introducing ADO.NET, Basic Operations in ADO.NET, Types of Data Binding in Windows Forms, Data Binding in Windows Presentation Foundation.

Introducing Language-Integrated Query:

Introduction, LINQ Queries Executing a Simple LINQ Query, The Standard Query Operators, LINQ to ADO.NET LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Dataset, Anonymous Methods, Lambda Expressions

Deploying Visual C# Application, Windows Workflow Foundations:

Workflow Principles, Components of Windows Workflow Foundation, Developing a Simple Workflow Application, Implementation, Using Workflows with Other Applications, Web Service and WCF Service.

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