Bookkeeping, Accounting for non-finance professionals, or the LCCI Certificate course?

The accounting for the non-finance professional course: is catered for beginners who do not have any background knowledge of the field, training starts from basic accounting equation to how to differentiate between Financial Statements required by ACRA and Internal Management.  Course most suitable for business owners and managers who need to understand the organization’s financial status by reading its financial reports.

The Bookkeeping/Accounting 3-day course: is an introduction course. It will provide you an overview of Bookkeeping. If you want to explore what is Bookkeeping or want to know basic Accounting concepts before processing with Accounting software training, it will be a suitable course. 

Preparatory course for LCCI Level 1&2 Certificate in Bookkeeping & Accounting: focuses on preparing for LCCI Certificate exams. Level 1 course content is 70% similar to Bookkeeping/Accounting 3-day course but a bit more academic. Level 2 course is an in-depth course, providing you with lots of complicated cases and adjustments. Normally, for an entry-level bookkeeping position, level 2 certificate is a must-have one. 

Hence, if you’re considering working as an in-house Bookkeeper, the Bookkeeping 3-day course or LCCI level 1 is not sufficient. You should choose both LCCI level 1 & 2 training courses. 

 Bookkeeping 3-day course vs. LCCI training comparison. 


Bookkeeping 3-day course

LCCI in Bookkeeping –  LEVEL 1

LCCI in Bookkeeping & Accounts – Level 2

Certificate & Exam

No exam based. 

Upon completing our training, you will get a certificate of achievement issued by Inspizone

The exam is not compulsory.

After the training, if you’re keen on the exam, the exam fee is $200, we will help you sign up. 

If you pass the exam, you will get a recognized certificate from Pearson

If you don’t take the exam, after completing our course, you still get a certificate of achievement issued by Inspizone. 



Academic – Exam orientation

Course content


70% of the content is similar to Bookkeeping 3-day course

Spend more time practicing with LCCI exam questions.

Advanced course.

We learn more complicated Accounting scenarios (I.e: Adjustments in preparing financial statements, Accrued, Prepaid, etc)


3 days (9.30 am – 5.30pm)

21 hours

24 hours.

Evening class: 8 lessons (7pm-10pm) (2 lessons/week)

Or Weekend class: 4 lessons (9.30am-5.30pm) (Every Saturday/Sunday)

48 hours

Evening class: 16 lessons (7pm-10pm) (2 lessons/week)

Or Weekend class: 08 lessons (9.30am-5.30pm) (Every Saturday/Sunday)


Short course – Fast pace

Long course – Medium pace

Long course – Medium pace


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