2 Days Microsoft PowerBI Training

Lesson 1: Analyzing Data with Self-Service BI Topic A: Data Analysis and Visualization for Business Intelligence Topic B: Self-Service BI with Microsoft Power BI Lesson 2: Connecting to Data Topic A: Create Data Connections Topic B: Model Data with Relationships Topic C: Save Power BI Files Lesson 3: Performing Advanced Data Modeling and Shaping Topic A: Clean and Transform Data with the Query Editor Topic B: Shape Data with the Query Editor Topic C: Combine and Manage Data Rows Lesson 4: Visualizing Data with Power BI Topic A: Create Visualizations in Power BI Topic B: Chart Data in Power BI Lesson 5: Enhancing Data Analysis Topic A: Enhance Analysis with Customized Visuals and Pages Topic B: Enhance Analysis with Tooltips Lesson 6: Modeling Data with Calculations Topic A: Create Calculations with Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) Topic B: Create Calculated Measures and Conditional Columns Lesson 7: Creating Interactive Visualizations Topic A: Create and Manage Data Hierarchies Topic B: Filter and Slice Reports Topic C: Create Dashboards in Power BI

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