Employee Training: The Secret Of Successful Business

Train the Staff and see the Difference

Have you ever hired someone and you already expected that this person knows everything about the job, but apparently he doesn’t? Have you ever had an employee whom you think is very competent but then wants to resign because he/she feels “he’s not growing”?

Hiring and keeping great employees are challenging tasks, whether you’re a business owner, a manager or an HR Professional. But how do you actually keep a good set of staff aside from paying them a competitive salary and giving them company benefits? One solution is to provide them great trainings.

Trainings allow your team to be highly productive. Let’s say for example you hired someone and this person only knows basic excel. Setting a time aside to teach or send them to Excel workshops would not only help your employees to be competitive, it will also help your business be more productive because excel can do so much more than we think we already know. In fact, it helps us save time if we know how to properly use it. Providing them workshops at least once a week or even twice a month, can greatly help employees do their jobs faster and more accurate. It ignites their creativity, their problem-solving capacity and this is one of your company’s best assets.

Aside from being highly productive, continuous education of your staff can increase happiness in the workplace. Boardrooms and cubicles need not be so boring! When there’s happiness in the company, people are more likely to work because they’re not coming from sets of “have-to’s”. They work and help your company grow because they WANT TO. Because you’re helping them grow as a career person, it is a human instinct for them to give back. They want to help you as well. People often drag themselves going to work because they’re not happy. And as a result, they come in late, they don’t finish their jobs on time, they take sick leaves even when they’re not sick, and worst, they resign after you’ve given them such a good package of benefits! They do these when they feel that they’re not growing as a person. And when you’re employees feel this, they become zombies in the office. You wouldn’t want to work with zombies right? Offering them CAREER GROWTH can have a tremendous impact on your sales. Insurance and other Sales Companies invest so much on training their agents because they know that it is to them that the bloodline of the company relies on. That’s why even an introvert, shy person can possibly turn out to be successful in sales because of trainings. This can also be applied regardless of which industry your company is on. How fulfilling it is to see a person evolved from good to great?

And when an employee sees that the company cares for his/her growth, this leads to an increase in employee retention. Because they feel like they’re needed and it gives them fulfillment that they’re doing their job right. When a person feels this, they’re tendency is to stay because work doesn’t no longer feel like a burden. It feels like they’re second home. Most people join your company because they need money to sustain themselves and pay their bills. But it is actually the feeling of FULFILLMENT that they decide to stay with you. We know how tedious it is to keep on looking for the right employee. Why not start with what you already have and invest on growing them? Send them to seminars, workshops and trainings and see the enormous difference.

Employee training is an easy thing to overlook. You could miss out on a whole lot of business success if you don’t train your employees. To stay at the top of their game, your employees need to be skilled in all the latest techniques, up to date with the most recent legislation and the laws that affect your sector, and engaged with their work.

You can motivate your employees to push themselves forward and strive to develop new skills with the help of Management Training Courses. You need to invest in employee training within your company. This is the only way to create a culture that encourages the pursuit of excellence.


5 Tips To Improve Your Email-Writing Skills

In today’s Facebook world, do we still find the time to write a good Email to our colleagues at work? Guilty or not, we can’t deny that some people in our workplace would tend to forget the value of writing good emails. Yes, you can blame it on social media, or perhaps, on lack of trainings for email etiquette.

With our technology today, almost half of our communication relies on internet. Paperless world, they call it. And so, a good chunk of our time at work goes to writing and reading emails. Now here’s the thing, how do we make sure that we are communicating correctly through someone else’s screen? Here’s some cool tips that you can absolutely practice at work:

  • BE CLEAR. Now this is a real struggle for us when we’re trying to communicate via screen and texts. Because we can’t make them hear our tone of voice and we can’t make them see our facial expressions. That is why clarity is very important in communicating via email to avoid misunderstandings.

Let’s say for example you want to ask questions about a certain topic, it would be essential to use the right punctuation. Sometimes, people tend to forget about this that they expect the other person that they actually got the message right.

It will also be helpful for you to mention at the bottom of your email if the person need to reply, to make sure that they got your email instead of just expecting that they would answer back.

  • Make Good Title for the Subject Line. Is your email urgent? Or are you trying to remind people about a particular meeting happening soon? It will be better if you maximize the title to give people an idea about what you wrote. Because people are busy and most of the time, they categorize an email based on its importance and urgency. You wouldn’t want your message to be thrown at the spam folder, or worst, the trash folder. So if you want your message to be read, make sure that you use subject lines wisely.

Make no mistake of leaving the subject line BLANK! No no no! Never ever.

  • Keep it concise. Some of us tend to overly communicate on email. While it’s good that we have this technology, face-to –face communication is still vital. When writing emails, avoid using so much words it tends to confuse the reader. Also this takes a lot time for them. Being concise and brief help the reader to get the message right away rather than whirling around and not going straight to point.

Also keep in mind to write separate emails for other topics. For example, if you are writing an email about a reminder for them to attend a meeting, do not include any other topics aside from the meeting. Write a separate email so that the messages don’t get mixed up.

  • Double check before sending – have you ever had the mistake of sending a confidential email to the wrong person? Or maybe you were in a rush, and accidentally hit send while there were still some red lines on your sentences and you know that the person’s receiving the email is a certified Grammar Nazi? Always reread your email before hitting that precious button. You wouldn’t want to be judged as incompetent just because you’ve made these mistakes.
  • Always be courteous – Well again, we don’t get to express our tone of voice and facial expressions via screen, and so it is a must for us to be always courteous. Though we have all these technologies, it’s not an excuse for us not to practice some manners. And though we communicate through screens, the other person reading your message is still a human. Why not praise your colleague for submitting the reports on time, before giving him/her another task? Or maybe simply thank them for replying quickly. Work can be stressful at times and a little virtual pat on the back by affirming your colleagues would be a really great help for them to get over stress.

Effective Business Writing develops the writing skills of individuals to enable them to communicate effectively. The workshop aims to equip learners with the skills to write clearly, concisely and correctly.

How to Become a Better Project Manager?

6 Skills Important to be a Successful Project Manager!

Being a Project Manager can be a really tough job. From meeting with the big bosses down to handling your subordinates to solving problems and meeting deadlines, this type of work really entails you being mentally, physically and skillfully strong. You may be a good PM at the moment, but how do you intend to improve your skills in such a way that whatever project is thrown at you, you’re confident that you can always pull it off because you know that you have very strong core competencies. You know that you are built upon a strong foundation – like that of a skyscraper. You also know that your skills are not based on what you do but based on who you are as a project manager. So how does one BECOME (not what do you need to do to be) a better Project Manager?

PMP management course

  • Be friends with TIME.
  • We all have 24 hours in a day. Whether you are Beyoncé or the President of the United States or the waiter at a Japanese Restaurant, we all have equal time. And with Project Management, it’s either time is your enemy or it can be your best friend. And the way you do this is be aware of how you and your subordinates are consuming the time. Use the Pareto Principle of 80/20 wherein 80% of the results come from 20% of the causes to improve not just your productivity but also the productivity of the people under you. Treat your time as your ally not your enemy. Deadlines can be really dreading and stressful for everyone but if you keep in mind this principle and be more strategic in how you and your team use your time, you’ll not only be able to meet your targets according to the timeline but also, this will earn your boss’s trust. Not to mention that your team would gladly be working with you because you’re not the toxic manager type (if you know what I mean. *wink).
  • Be like a WATER.
  • A Project Manager not only has to deal with a lot of problems to solve, but also has to deal with a lot of people too. From the bossy superiors down to the project team who complains a lot about the job, it seems like everyone’s concern is on your shoulders too and all of this can be overwhelming for you. Just remember to be like that of a water. Follow the shape of the container which means be flexible. Now this might sound cheesy for you, but the magic of mirroring someone can actually bring greater results to what you’re trying to achieve. When you’re talking to your Superiors, mirror them. Act and talk like them. Show them you have power too. But do not overpower them. If you are talking to your subordinates, put yourself in their shoes and be able to understand where they are coming from. This allows you to be able to think a win-win solution for everyone. Who doesn’t like less stress?
  • Be a Problem- Solver
  • Yes, you’ll eat problems for breakfast and dinner and sometimes midnight snacks too. But EMBRACE it! It’s the only way you can cope up with the stress. Trust yourself that you are innately a problem-solver. Look at them in different angles and perspectives. Treat problems like it’s something that would help you grow as an individual, that it will you stretch and push yourself to the limits, that it will help you function and become a better Project Manager every day. And whenever there’s a glitch, a struggle, a difficulty, remember that are always solutions.
  • Be a Good Communicator
  • To say that communication in handling a project is important, is actually an understatement. It is in fact a MUST! You are the bridge between the Gods and the humans. And your job is to be the angel who brings the message clearly so that everyone get things done within the timeframe. (please tell me you’re getting the metaphor)
  • Be Addicted to Growth
  • “People who stop growing, are already dying” That’s from T. Harv Eker, one of the renowned motivational speakers and author. Most people end their education when they have received that precious diploma. But definitely not the person who thrives for growth and excellence. Successful people don’t stop learning. Every day they strive to learn new things. This may be in the form of experience, or reading a book or perhaps enrolling yourself to a Project Management Course. This could actually help you enhance your skills and be certified by a strong organization. This not only make your resume look good, but it also secures the trust of the people who hired you that you can really do the job. And when you’re certified, chances are more projects will be given to you.
  • Be bold, ride the wave
  • This might sound like number 5 but here I want to talk more about how being certified by a world renown organization like Project Management Institute (PMI). If you haven’t heard about them or doesn’t really understand what it is PMI let me tell you more about them. PMI was founded in 1969 that aims to help project managers advance careers, improve organizational success and further mature the profession of project management through our globally recognized standards, certifications, resources, tools, academic research, publications, professional development courses and networking opportunities. They conduct Project Management Professional Exam (PMP Exam) to certify Project Managers who pass. To prepare most various training center offers PMP Exam Training. With this I say be wise and look for not only the most budget friendly but also the most capable centers with preferably a PMI certified trainer and good PMI training course outline. Go get take that exam and be a better Project Manager for yourself and for your people!

At the end of the day, you’re still human. And you can’t be perfect. But the projects that you’ll handle can be – if you continue to be better and better every day.

Why Learn Microsoft Excel? Here’s 6 Reasons to know the importance of excel!

6 reasons why you should Learn Microsoft Excel

In this modern day and age most of us greatly relies on our computers, tablets, smart phones and the Internet. Businesses can run with a just a laptop! Many great programmers authored useful applications that mankind greatly appreciates and use. One of this is from the family of Microsoft Office. We call it the mighty MS Excel! Just Kidding it’s just MS Excel. It’s probably something you are familiar with but if you’re not, stop reading and take the Microsoft excel courses now! Or maybe you can continue reading to see what you’re missing out. Now, if you are familiar on how to use excel then you probably know the why but did you know there’s a lot you can do with it more than meets the eye? Okay now here comes the whys.

  • Excellent excel skills makes your market value higher

  • Yes! Just like how a new hair style can make you more handsome/pretty, Expertise in MS Excel will automatically earn your resume/CV a gold star! Writing “Advance MS Excel” along with the functions you are well acquainted with in the skills just does not make your resume brighter. It can become the holy grail in the hands of an employer who greatly uses the program. Including functions such as VBA, Macros, Conditional Formatting, Pivot Table, VLOOKUP, Charting, Formulas, and Filtering can automatically give you the lead with your rivals. This also relatively help you achieve you dream job, dream salary, and dream company!
  • Excel has established its dominance

  • I know you know it’s not perfect (according to its competitors) but Excel has great brand recall. I have not met anyone in my business contact that is oblivious to it. Possibilities are endless and most companies use it, that means you have just signed up for a larger labor market and job opportunities. So yes, it’s not going anywhere.
  • Excel makes the world a better place

  • I guess you’re wondering why I said that. Well, if you must know Excel makes those pesky complicated formula calculations easier. It’s also a good basic reporting tool. Understanding excel can really make your life a little bit easy.
  • Excel can help you achieve a healthy work-life balance

  • How can a computer program do that you ask? If you study excel and apply it appropriately to your work, you’ll find it doing time management for you. Things you manually do vs thing excel analytically doing it for you. With the right programming and formula Excel can just shorten the time you must a lot in a specific task. Thus, giving you more time to do other things in your to do list helping you to accomplish the job on time.
  • Excel is not just a spreadsheet

  • If Spreadsheet is the only thing that comes into mind when you hear Excel, then you gravely need to take a course in Microsoft Excel! Excel training just doesn’t help you get things done quicker and more efficient it also expands the possibilities of what you can do using excel. It can increase the effectivity of the reports and analysis that you do which gives you better data that will later support important decisions.
  • If you think you’re an expert think again.

  • You can be a VBA God and really be the expert in Excel, then you can be the trainer! But otherwise, you might still have a lot to learn from a formal training. Tips and Tricks on how to use excel to your advantage will be provided. Training in a formal environment will give you the platform to ask and explore possibilities with the experts so that one day you may also become the expert.

In Conclusion, there are a lot of things you can learn from taking Microsoft Excel Courses. How to use Microsoft Excel is not something you just learn it must mirror what you need it for so you can fully grasp the importance of Microsoft Excel. I hope you learned something today! See you in the classroom!

How To Become a Digital Marketing Strategist?

Why Should you learn Digital Marketing Courses?

When we say digital marketing, it covers the promotions using various electronic devices and media such as internet, mobile phones, television channels etc. At a time when electronic media gain dominance over the print media, internet marketing has reached a brand-new height. There is a big scope also for this profession, but you should learn it correctly and should have proper knowledge in various aspects of digital marketing.

However, we are discussing about digital marketing here as it is relatively a new stream as compared to television media. Different part of digital marketing is mobile phone marketing. In mobile phone marketing and internet marketing you have to do a lot of researches and knowledge before starting the work.

Importance of Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones are used to transmitted the message of a product or service in this type of marketing. It can be via calls or SMS sent to the customers. Here the most necessary part is to identify the right audience. It is important to categorize the cell number or data on the basis of age, gender, income, location etc. When you do this categorization, you can directly target the right customers. The messages will not go in spam.
Secondly, the messages should be unique, short and informative. People may not have more time to listen to your long speeches or to read big messages on mobile phone.

Type of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a wide complex process that involves different methods.


Sending bulk emails to existing as well as to the right customers will help to gain the loyalty as well as to create brand awareness about the product and services. E mails can be used to share the information to the prospective audience about any changes in your services or specification of products. However, you will have to distinguish the list of mail IDs based on your researches gender, income, area and age to reach the information to the right persons.

Social Media Marketing:

The importance of social Medias on general public cannot be ignore. Many companies are using this opportunity to promote their product and services over the different social media platform. There are different techniques and strategies to use social media channels as an effective way of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Websites are playing an important role in spreading the information and knowledge over the world wide web. Search engine optimization take an important part in bringing more new visitors to the website. There are different types of SEO technique, but normally it has been divided into two; off page optimization and on page optimization. Digital marketing course will cover these aspects in detail.


Blogs are also important tool to market a product or services to spread the brand awareness. Here you know, just posting some contents in your blog will not be enough. There are so many different things you have to do to make this a successful strategy. Article writing, Guest posting, blog commenting etc are also discussed in this course.

Thus, a professional digital marketing course will cover all these areas.

Learn how to manage project using Microsoft Project

MICROSOFT PROJECT – It is a project management software product and developed and designed and sold by Microsoft. Microsoft project designed to assist a project manager in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking tasks, managing the budget, and analyzing workloads.

Learning through Microsoft Project Training is quite helpful for engineers, planners, and even entrepreneurs since this helps them in achieving realistic goals, getting insight about aspects of different projects, and most significant of all is it helps them in controlling every aspect of the project.


Microsoft Project has a lot of features for setting up projects and running automated reports formed on progress, budget, time tracking, and more. We’ll take you through the steps required to set-up a timeline, add & schedule tasks, add resources, setup dependencies, generate reports, track progress.


Microsoft Project doesn’t have any Timeline template, so we need to enter data manually to build a Microsoft Project Timeline.


  • Add Start and Finish Dates to Each Task
  • Add Tasks to the Timeline (You can select all tasks in the list, right-click on the mouse and select Add to Timeline to add all the tasks simultaneously.)


Now that we have the basic structure for our project. The term Resources typically refers to people, but can also mean documentation type of work that will be needed to complete the project.

  • Open the Resource Sheet
  • Add Resources
  • Once your resources are added to the project list, you can easily view who is available to take on the task based on their workload and manage how much time each team member will spend on project tasks in the Resource Management view.


Once you have a list of resources for your project the you can assign tasks. This will help you better manage the project and get work complete in a specific time period. One of the benefits of Microsoft Project is that it can calculate how long it will take a person to complete the task based on their availability. If it’s a particularly important part of the project that needs to be complete quickly, you can assign multiple people to it and Microsoft Project will decrease the time it takes to done the task based on how many resources are assigned.

  • Switch to the Gantt chart
  • Open the Task Form
  • Select a Task to Assign (You can add another person to the same task by clicking the area under Resource Name and choosing the name you want assign. Click OK. As you assign project tasks, the amount of time will be added to the Gantt chart.)
  • Repeat steps to assign all the tasks. 


  • Access Microsoft Project Settings
  • Change Schedule Options
  • under Scheduling Options for this Project section, click the drop-down menu forNew Tasks Created. The default is set to Manually Scheduled. Select and click Auto Scheduled then click the OK 


Dependencies happens when one task can’t move on to the next phase until a particular task is completed before it. Creating dependencies includes linking tasks in the Gantt chart view. In Microsoft Project, you can link any two tasks with each other

  • Switch to Gantt Chart View
  • Select Tasks to Link (Click the Task tab in the menu section. Identify any two tasks in the list that you want to link. Click the first task and press and hold the Ctrl key then select the second task. Click the chain icon in the ribbon to link the task. You’ll see an arrow appear on the Gantt chart that connects the tasks.)


Once you’ve entered time and resources description to the best of your ability, you can use Project to run a Cost Overview report. Follow these steps to create a Resource Cost Overview report:

  • Select the Report Tab
  • Choose a Cost Report to Run
  • Click the arrow below Costs in the ribbon and click Resource Cost Overview.


With Microsoft Project, you can keep an eye on your tasks to see if things are running on time or behind schedule. This will be easy to view and analyze as long as you keep the status of tasks updated during the length of your project.

  • Mark Tasks That Are on Track
  • Use Predetermined Percentages to Track Tasks
  • Update Tasks
  • A dialogue box will appear where you can update task status, change start and end dates. Make any changes and click OK.

Introduction to Excel VBA and Basic Features

How to Create a Macro in Excel

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications. VBA enables you to automate different activities in Excel like generating reports, preparing charts & graphs, doing calculations, etc. This automation activity is also often called as Macro. it supports for users to save their time spent behind running the repetitive steps.

Accessing VBA Editor

If you are using Excel version 2007 (or a higher version), click on File > Options > Customize the Ribbon and then check “Developer” and click ok.

A new tab will be added :

Now you can access the Visual Basic Editor in the Developer Ribbon:

In Visual Basic Editor, you will find the Project Window. This window contains number of the “modules” for all workbooks. Modules are where the code is stored. 

To insert a module in sheet and go to the Insert Menu (ALT > I).

You can rename Modules in the Properties Window. Renaming modules make it easier and helpful to organize your code. If your VBA project contains more than one module then you should rename the modules.

MS Excel VBA Features


Macro is one of the most popular features in Excel 2003 and Excel 2016 VBA. Macros in Excel VBA allow you to convert tasks in Excel by writing.

Macros allow users to automatically create customized charts, reports and perform other functions. In addition, Macros automate tasks and merge program functions that enable developers to build customized solutions using Visual Basic.

CHOOSE function

The CHOOSE function is a built-in function in Excel that is classified as a Lookup/Reference Function. It can be used as a worksheet and VBA function in Excel. As a worksheet function, the CHOOSE function can be entered as piece of a formula in a cell of a worksheet. we can also use this function in macro code that is entered through the Microsoft Visual Basic Editor.

How to Get Google Adwords Certified in Just 2 Days!!


Secure Your Next Job Interview, Promotion or Client by Adding the Google Adwords Certification to Your Resume in Just 2 Days!

Google Adword Training Course

The Google AdWords Certification is a professional credibility that Google offers to everyone who explain proficiency in basic and advanced skills of AdWords.


It’s definitely a plus point if you want to brand yourself as a digital marketer:

  • Join the highly demanded online advertising industry. Pay Per Click (PPC) skills are in high demand.
  • Secure your next interview, promotion or client. Show tangible evidence of your current and prospective clients/employers of your AdWords skills.
  • Save yourself lots of time, frustration and money. The formal examination training course will teach you how to use AdWords professionally. You could lose lots of money if you “learn by doing it”.



Giving the Google Adwords Test is now Free!

It used to charge $50 when the exam format/pattern was different.

Do you think of any other Industry Recognized credibility you can get without spending thousands of dollars and studying for months?

I can’t! This is such an easy task for anyone serious about his career in online marketing!



You need to clear two different exams to become fully Adwords Certified: One is Adwords Fundamentals exam or a any other (choice of 5 exams).

Choosing the best Search Advertising exam will save you time of study because there is a huge confusion with the Fundamentals exam (Video/display advertising exam etc. are quite different!)

Google ADS Fundamentals

Timing: You have only 120 minutes to clear each exam.

Pass rate: You need to score at least 80% or higher to qualifying.

Format/Pattern: 100 multiple choice questions (MCQ), no option to stop exam, questions appear one at a time (i.e. no option to move or return to previous questions later).

Retake period: If you don’t qualify the exam, you can take it again after 7 days.


Take one day for each exam and follow this process step by step:

Guideline Of Google Adwords Certification

  • Study the Official Guideline provided by Google Section by Section: The Google exam study guides are designed in such a way to bring pure beginners from zero knowledge to Google Adwords Certified Professional.
  • Use Practice Sample Questions to Increase Your Learning Skills: This is the best way to learn and gain new information. Get 200 sample questions broken down per section.
  • Take Benefits of the Open Book Policy: There are many people that dont know that there is no restriction to have the Adwords Help Center open while you’re taking the exam. You won’t have sufficient time to search for every single answer but this can be really useful for some questions!


  • Click to https://www.google.com/partners/
  • Click on “I am an Agency” in the top right-hand corner of your webpages
  • Once it open, click “Certifications>AdWords>Take Exam” in the sidebar


After when you clear the exam and get Google certified, Google allows you to showcase it to the world.


After when you clear the exam and get Google certified, Google allows you to showcase it to the world.

Google Adwords Certificate

Link to your certificate with Google Partners Profile from anywhere online (social profile, personal website etc).

Automatically notify contacts by adding your certification to Linkedin.

Add your certification as a bullet point on your CV.

Print it out and hang it inside your office.



Remember, your Google AdWords certification is valid for one year.

Set a reminder to your calendar for a few of weeks before the “valid until” date shown on your certificate.


Nothing is going you back from becoming a Google Certified Professional:

You don’t require to be part of a company to become certified.

You don’t require to have any job experience.

You don’t require to spend money on running campaigns on Google Ads.

You don’t require to be technical degree.

Don’t hesitate to spend a lot of time on learning how to use AdWords professionally and getting tangible evidence of these in-demand skills.


Take the training course to become Google Adwords Course in Just 2 Days By Inspizone PTE LTD (The Best Study Guide, Test Cheat Sheet and 200+ Practice Questions to Ensure Your Exam Success).

Want to learn how to Create a PivotTable to analyze worksheet data?

Data Management Analytics with Pivot Tables

The Pivot Table provides a speedy way to summarize your data, and to analyze, compare and detect relationships in your data. This tool can sort, count, sum and compute minimum, maximum, or mean of data stored in a worksheet.


Microsoft Excel Pivot Table Training

The major features of a Pivot Table are given below−

  • Creating a PivotTable is extremely simple and Quick
  • Enabling churning of data instantly by simple dragging of fields, sorting, filtering and different calculations on the data.
  • Arriving at the suitable representation for your data as you obtain insights into it.
  • Ability to generate reports on the fly.
  • Producing multiple report from the same PivotTable in a matter of seconds.
  • Providing interactive report to synchronize with the audience.

Insert a Pivot Table

To insert a pivot table – execute the following steps.

  • Click any single cell inside data set.
  • On the Insert tab, in Tables group, click PivotTable.

Excel Pivot Table Course

  • Under Choose the data that you want to examine, select a table. Then Click OK.

Create Pivot Table Singapore

  • In Table/Range – verify the cell range.
  • Under Choose where you want the PivotTable report to be placed, select New worksheet to place the PivotTable in a new or Existing worksheet and then select the location you want the PivotTable to appear.
  • Then Select OK.

Building out your PivotTable

  • To add a field to your PivotTable, select the field name checkbox in the PivotTables area pane.
  • To move a field from one area to another, drag and drop the field to the target area.

Learn Microsoft PowerPivot Training Course In Singapore

Get the Microsoft Office certification you need. Join Inspizone training course to become PowerPivot Expert for Microsoft Excel within 2 Days.