Why Learn Microsoft Excel? Here’s 6 Reasons to know the importance of excel!

6 reasons why you should Learn Microsoft Excel

In this modern day and age most of us greatly relies on our computers, tablets, smart phones and the Internet. Businesses can run with a just a laptop! Many great programmers authored useful applications that mankind greatly appreciates and use. One of this is from the family of Microsoft Office. We call it the mighty MS Excel! Just Kidding it’s just MS Excel. It’s probably something you are familiar with but if you’re not, stop reading and take the Microsoft excel courses now! Or maybe you can continue reading to see what you’re missing out. Now, if you are familiar on how to use excel then you probably know the why but did you know there’s a lot you can do with it more than meets the eye? Okay now here comes the whys.

Micro Soft Excel Course in Singapore
  • Excellent excel skills makes your market value higher

  • Yes! Just like how a new hair style can make you more handsome/pretty, Expertise in MS Excel will automatically earn your resume/CV a gold star! Writing “Advance MS Excel” along with the functions you are well acquainted with in the skills just does not make your resume brighter. It can become the holy grail in the hands of an employer who greatly uses the program. Including functions such as VBA, Macros, Conditional Formatting, Pivot Table, VLOOKUP, Charting, Formulas, and Filtering can automatically give you the lead with your rivals. This also relatively help you achieve you dream job, dream salary, and dream company!
  • Excel has established its dominance

  • I know you know it’s not perfect (according to its competitors) but Excel has great brand recall. I have not met anyone in my business contact that is oblivious to it. Possibilities are endless and most companies use it, that means you have just signed up for a larger labor market and job opportunities. So yes, it’s not going anywhere.
  • Excel makes the world a better place

  • I guess you’re wondering why I said that. Well, if you must know Excel makes those pesky complicated formula calculations easier. It’s also a good basic reporting tool. Understanding excel can really make your life a little bit easy.
  • Excel can help you achieve a healthy work-life balance

  • How can a computer program do that you ask? If you study excel and apply it appropriately to your work, you’ll find it doing time management for you. Things you manually do vs thing excel analytically doing it for you. With the right programming and formula Excel can just shorten the time you must a lot in a specific task. Thus, giving you more time to do other things in your to do list helping you to accomplish the job on time.
  • Excel is not just a spreadsheet

  • If Spreadsheet is the only thing that comes into mind when you hear Excel, then you gravely need to take a course in Microsoft Excel! Excel training just doesn’t help you get things done quicker and more efficient it also expands the possibilities of what you can do using excel. It can increase the effectivity of the reports and analysis that you do which gives you better data that will later support important decisions.
  • If you think you’re an expert think again.

  • You can be a VBA God and really be the expert in Excel, then you can be the trainer! But otherwise, you might still have a lot to learn from a formal training. Tips and Tricks on how to use excel to your advantage will be provided. Training in a formal environment will give you the platform to ask and explore possibilities with the experts so that one day you may also become the expert.

In Conclusion, there are a lot of things you can learn from taking Microsoft Excel Courses. How to use Microsoft Excel is not something you just learn it must mirror what you need it for so you can fully grasp the importance of Microsoft Excel. I hope you learned something today! See you in the classroom!

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