Employee Training: The Secret Of Successful Business

Train the Staff and see the Difference

Have you ever hired someone and you already expected that this person knows everything about the job, but apparently he doesn’t? Have you ever had an employee whom you think is very competent but then wants to resign because he/she feels “he’s not growing”?

Hiring and keeping great employees are challenging tasks, whether you’re a business owner, a manager or an HR Professional. But how do you actually keep a good set of staff aside from paying them a competitive salary and giving them company benefits? One solution is to provide them great trainings.

Trainings allow your team to be highly productive. Let’s say for example you hired someone and this person only knows basic excel. Setting a time aside to teach or send them to Excel workshops would not only help your employees to be competitive, it will also help your business be more productive because excel can do so much more than we think we already know. In fact, it helps us save time if we know how to properly use it. Providing them workshops at least once a week or even twice a month, can greatly help employees do their jobs faster and more accurate. It ignites their creativity, their problem-solving capacity and this is one of your company’s best assets.

Aside from being highly productive, continuous education of your staff can increase happiness in the workplace. Boardrooms and cubicles need not be so boring! When there’s happiness in the company, people are more likely to work because they’re not coming from sets of “have-to’s”. They work and help your company grow because they WANT TO. Because you’re helping them grow as a career person, it is a human instinct for them to give back. They want to help you as well. People often drag themselves going to work because they’re not happy. And as a result, they come in late, they don’t finish their jobs on time, they take sick leaves even when they’re not sick, and worst, they resign after you’ve given them such a good package of benefits! They do these when they feel that they’re not growing as a person. And when you’re employees feel this, they become zombies in the office. You wouldn’t want to work with zombies right? Offering them CAREER GROWTH can have a tremendous impact on your sales. Insurance and other Sales Companies invest so much on training their agents because they know that it is to them that the bloodline of the company relies on. That’s why even an introvert, shy person can possibly turn out to be successful in sales because of trainings. This can also be applied regardless of which industry your company is on. How fulfilling it is to see a person evolved from good to great?

And when an employee sees that the company cares for his/her growth, this leads to an increase in employee retention. Because they feel like they’re needed and it gives them fulfillment that they’re doing their job right. When a person feels this, they’re tendency is to stay because work doesn’t no longer feel like a burden. It feels like they’re second home. Most people join your company because they need money to sustain themselves and pay their bills. But it is actually the feeling of FULFILLMENT that they decide to stay with you. We know how tedious it is to keep on looking for the right employee. Why not start with what you already have and invest on growing them? Send them to seminars, workshops and trainings and see the enormous difference.

Employee training is an easy thing to overlook. You could miss out on a whole lot of business success if you don’t train your employees. To stay at the top of their game, your employees need to be skilled in all the latest techniques, up to date with the most recent legislation and the laws that affect your sector, and engaged with their work.

You can motivate your employees to push themselves forward and strive to develop new skills with the help of Management Training Courses. You need to invest in employee training within your company. This is the only way to create a culture that encourages the pursuit of excellence.